Jan 03 2008

Haircuts at home: Our verdict


A few days ago, I asked you all what you thought of cutting your husband’s hair at home. You submitted helpful comments (thank you) and we decided to go through with our experiment.

I went to Target and bought a Wahl clipper set. It was $24.99 and had the clippers, many length attachments, combs, scissors, whatever. It also had a 5-year warranty and a $5 rebate, good on purchases through the end of January.

I read through the instructions several times and watched the online tutorials. It seemed easy enough, and my husband gave me the go-ahead when he got home from work.

He likes the idea of home haircuts for several reasons:

He doesn’t like going to the barber. He doesn’t like having to take time out of his weekend to go, doesn’t like the cost (no matter how expensive or cheap), doesn’t like making small talk with the barber. He doesn’t like the occasional aggressive barber, who ends up pulling your hair no matter how many times you say “ow.”

So, he was all for the idea. If he can get a haircut from home on-demand and it could save us money, what a deal!

Cutting his hair was nerve-wracking and fun at the same time. I worried that I’d slip up and he’d look ridiculous. It’s not the best haircut he’s ever had, but it’s not the worst either. He’s happy with it, and I think once I get a little more practice, it’ll go even better.

I’m not sure how well you can see the detail in my pics, but here’s some before and after shots.You’ll just have to take my word for it that the sides and front came out ok. :) Also, for the people who know my husband but haven’t seen him in awhile, he isn’t going bald. The “patch in question” in the after shot–that’s just the way his hair is laying this morning.



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11 Responses to “Haircuts at home: Our verdict”

  1. Wow!! you have done a great job. Maybe I need to get myself a book to learn to do at least my son’s hair. Your success is encouraging!

  2. Looks terrific!

  3. Great Job! It looks really good! You are a pro!

    Take Care


  4. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone!

    I’ll be cutting DH’s hair regularly, I think. Might send him to the barber once or twice a year to get the style back on track (if needed) but with one haircut and my rebate, the clippers have already paid for themselves.

    Woo hoo!

  5. Looks great! Especially for the first time. :)

  6. You did well!
    His hair looks great.

  7. Looks really good, give yourself a pat on the back—trust me you will get faster and better with just a little practice. Then you will kick yourself for all the time and money you spent on it before! hee hee he

  8. congrats!! that looks awesome :) now you can get infinite haircuts, all for the price of ~1

  9. Great work! I do my son’s hair when he wants it really short. I always mess it up if it’s beyond military length!

    Great tip to about negotiating with the cable company. We’re hoping to have it this year once a few more bills are done.

  10. Nice job! I just may try this myself!

  11. Great job!!!

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