Jan 01 2008

Haircuts at home?


Do any of you cut your husband’s hair at home? I know it sounds somewhat scary (what if it turns out bad?!) but it could be an easy way to save time and money.

My husband usually goes to get his hair cut about once every 8 weeks, though he really needs it every 6 or so. At $20 a haircut, that’s about $120 a year or so. Multiply that by how many years he has until retirement, and that’s like $5k or so, more or less, at today’s dollars.

I’m considering buying one of those “haircut at home” kits, you know, that have the clippers, different comb sizes, etc.

But before I do, I’d like to hear from you.

Do you do home haircuts? How do they turn out? What clipper would you recommend or avoid? Whatever advice you can share, we’d really appreciate! 

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30 Responses to “Haircuts at home?”

  1. No I don’t cut his. It is a talent that I lack and believe me I have tried, but he does go to the local barber which is only 9 dollars a cut. I do trim his neck and around his ears to make the cut last longer. So it is a happy medium in frugality.

  2. I just started cutting my boys’ hair. They are 8 and 10. I was tired of paying 12-14 a cut for a TERRIBLE job. So I decided I could do it myself. I borrowed a friend’s Wahl trimmer and the rest is history! They turned out fine. Also, there are quite a few online “tutorials” that give you a good idea of where to start. You can do it, I’m sure! My husband wouldn’t let me near his but I’m happy to start with the boys!

  3. My husband has long-ish hair which makes it easier to cut. I just use a pair of good scissors, position a hat over his head so I have a standard of measurement (generally one-half inch below the hat in the back going to about 1 inch below on the sides because of the hat’s slope). Um, it might help to have pictures. The key is having a husband who has a doable haircut. Some men’s hair I just couldn’t do. I learned tricks to Micah’s from his mom.

  4. I cut my husbands, his is ‘buzzed’. I use Wahl trimmers, a #4 on top, #2 on the rest. Like someone else said, you could alway’s have your husband check around for a barber shop, if that’s not where he is already going.

  5. Same here! Hubby hates getting his hair done professionally b/c he always likes it better when he uses his trimmer.

  6. I cut my four boys hair using a Wahl trimmers or scissors. In the winter months I just take scissors to around the ears and neck. In the summer months, I buzz them with the clippers. As for dh’s hair, I did it once! I am actually afraid to cut it as his hair is naturally curly and he is also military and very particular as to the cut. So I just let him go to the corner shop where it is $11/cut every 6-8 weeks. It helps my stress level not to worry about cutting it. LOL

  7. the biggest challenge is to ensure everything’s cut to the same length, which for guys’ hair is near impossible the first time around with scissors. clippers make life much much easier :)

    It’s been a while since I’ve cut boyfriends’ hair, but pretty much any clippers set (with guards) will do. Use a bigger guard for crown, and a smaller guard for the neck and sides

  8. I’ve been cutting my bf’s hair recently — He doesn’t keep it super short, and it’s a little wavy, so I just use regular hair cutting scissors. I just make it even on each side and so it looks nice. He lets it grow out pretty long so I only do this once every few months. Much cheaper and much easier than it looks.

  9. I cut my husband’s hair regularly. My brother used to have me cut his hair when I was in high school, and since he liked his buzzed it was super easy. My husband insists that I do his too, because he hates having to go anywhere to get it done. He doesn’t have me buzz it, but I use the Wahl clippers, and pretty much just use the 5/8 inch guide all over, and shave with no guide on his neck and sideburns. I use the scissors and comb to do around his ears and blend it into the rest of the cut. He likes a nice simple cut, and he prefers to save the money and not to have to find the time to go somewhere else.

    With the guides that come with the clippers, it’s very easy. I’d definately say go for it. Be careful when trimming edges, but remember, with their short hair, it grows fast enough that a small mistake will blend right in within a week or so. I did mess up my older brother’s hair once very badly by using a much to short a guide around his ears. That’s why I switched to only using the scissors around the ears after going over all his hair with the 5/8″ guide. My advice is to use the guides until you are comfortable with the clippers.

  10. I don’t cut my husbands hair but I swap daycare for our beautician to cut our hair and my perms.She has four children and wants a night out once in a while so it works for both of us.

  11. Yes, I cut my husbands hair, but only just begun about 6 months ago. He liked it so much that he now prefers I cut it for him. I also cut my boy’s hair. I was inspired by the Amy Dacyczyn Tightwad Gazette books. I alos went to the library a borrowed video/dvds and books on the subject. I use trimmers and scissors–his is not a buzz but scissor trimmed on top and trimmers on lower parts. Just start slow, go with him and carefully watch the stylest, and begin with short trims.

    I am not as fast as a stylst but my husband doesn’t mind. I think he would rather me take my time!!! If you know what I mean ;)

  12. I have always cut my husband’s hair (even before we were married). I also grew up in a house where my mom cut all of our hair. The only time I have paid for a haircut is when I want to try something “funky” that needs someone with a little more experience. It’s a great way to save some $$$. After some practice, it will come easier and easier. I would suggest having someone who knows a little bit about what they are doing there for the first time.

  13. I cut my husband’s hair before we were married, back when we were still in college. I hated cutting his hair. I felt like I could NEVER get it right, and even though it didn’t bother him I felt bad sending him out with a bad haircut. I also didn’t really enjoy the process of cutting it. Our local walk-in hair salon has a deal where if you go during the last hour they’re open in the evenings, the haircuts are $10/ea. so my husband usually does that. (I got out of the habit of cutting his hair when were spent 2 years in different cities.)

  14. I don’t cut hubby’s as he is picky and a hair dresser is cheaper than a divorce lawyer. I do cut my 4 sons and 5 daughters hair. My boys prefer the job I do. I have taken the boys in after I was in a car accident or late pregnancy and the lady that does our hair showed me the tricks to using clippers. I had just done scissor cuts, but now I have more versatility, since I can combine the two methods, and it goes faster.

  15. I started out cutting my kids’ hair, and now my husband has asked me to cut his the last few months. I like to cut hair in the evening, the night before we have nothing going on. That way, if I mess it up, we have the next day to get it fixed. So far, that hasn’t been an issue, but it helps to take the pressure off.
    I used to dye my hair when I was younger, and I did it at a salon (not married, no kids, no budget!). When my hairdresser was out, someone else filled in and turned it purple. I had to go to work like that (and then I got it fixed the next evening), and it always stuck with me. Now I make sure there is time to fix anything just in case.

  16. I cut his and the kids hair. Bought a really good book on technque, a clippers for him and a quality scissors (will last my lifetime) for them all. About a $50 investment and we’ve saved that in barber fees already! I cut his hair for a few months, but then it gets a little difficult, so he goes to the Barber to get a good all over and then I keep trimming for the next three or four months. So he is now going 3-4 times a year instead of once a month and the kids don’t go at all. Just wish I could cut my own. I tend to only go twice a year to keep costs down, but towards the end my hair looks awful!

  17. If you don’t have enough nerve to cut hubby’s hair (like me), the local beauty school is a good option. Ours is $5 plus a tip for the student (I give 2.50) so it comes out to 7.50 for a haircut.

  18. My husband would never let me touch his hair, I swear! I do cut my own hair but I don’t really have any style to it and since it’s curly if I mess up the curls hide it. I used to cut my son’s hair but it used to end up longer on one side than the other. I take him to have it cut now but since I like his hair a bit long it’s about once every 2-3 mos and i take him to a discount place.

  19. I cut my husband’s and son’s hair. We have an older version of this book http://www.amazon.com/Cutting-Your-Familys-Gloria-Handel/dp/1402726546/ref=pd_bbs_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1199284353&sr=8-3 which was really helpful with great photos.

    It takes a lot of practice, so hubby would need to be, um, willing to look experimental. Hee.

  20. I’ve been cutting my DH’s and DC’s hair for over a year now. I bought a good clipper and scissor set that came with an instructional DVD. It’s been one of the ways we’ve saved money. Scary to do at first, but then you get used to it.

  21. Well I happen to be a licensed stylist and my husband is my #1 (and currently, my only) client. I’ve even started cutting my own and have always colored my own so that saves me a bundle. The one time I went and had my hair cut AND colored (about a year ago) I was floored by how much it cost me. I vowed “never again”!!!

  22. Wow, thanks everyone for the comments! I knew you’d help me out!

    My husband is all for me cutting his hair. He doesn’t like having to go to the barber–it takes time out of his weekend, it’s a hassle, he doesn’t like making small talk, and he doesn’t like what it costs, even if it is cheap.

    So, I’m going to go to Target and buy a Wahl clippers set thing. You’ll see before and after shots once I cut it (soon!)

  23. My mom bought my boys a Conair Kids Hair Clipper kit for Christmas ’06. My DH cuts my boys here at home. My DH prefers to be bald, so he just uses a razor every 3 days to maintain his look. I myself have found the SuperCuts Training Center near our apartment. All new hires at Chicagoland SuperCuts have to go through 1 week of training to learn the “supercuts” way. They are all licensed and wonderful. The best part is haircuts are FREE. I haven’t paid for a haircut in over 2yrs. I go in about every 3 months or so, as I have long straight hair that doesn’t need a lot of work done to it. Also, we have a new trend popping up around our town. There are a lot of shops opening up that offer $5 cuts for everyone. They are all licensed and offical salons, not just beauty schools. Although, beauty schools are a great option if you have any in your town.

    Hope this was helpful.

  24. My nearly fifteen year old son cuts his own hair. He has very curly hair so he cuts it very short using a #2 guard I think. He sits outside and puts a towel around his shoulders and proceeds to buzz it off. He is a football player and likes it short. It looks like the cut he always asked for from our hair stylist, which was around 20.00 before.

    Our sixteen year old son has very thick hair and while my husband cut it off at the beginning of the summer, it was a LOT of work. We pay to get his hair cut but it is not every month. My husband is a cop and is balding so he has the cop look….shaved head. He does this himself each morning.

    We still struggle to find just the right kit to use.

    I pay to have my hair cut but a year ago I gave up the coloring bit. I could not justify the cost. My hair at age 47 is white! I am not sure if I like it or not but with my funky glasses it does look rather cool. I used to color it myself until the store bought brands ruined my hair.

    I will be checking back to see if you come up with a great kit to use. We have tried so many and have had the problem of them not lasting very long. I think we are going to go to a beauty supply shop and purchase a more expensive brand than Wal Mart next time.

  25. Hey, that’s a good idea to save money. Why didn’t I thought of that. I always visit the barber once every 5 week. So I have to fork out $10 (in my own country currency). In a year that will be $100 est. Wow!! That’s is almost one month of food expenses. Maybe I can take a barber course and start cutting hair as another source of income.

  26. Funny enough, I don’t cut DH’s hair but I do cut my own. I invested in a good pair of hair cutting scissors (only around $6) and a straight comb. It helps, of course, that my hair has length and is cut straight. I have touched up DH’s hair with a pair of clippers he had, but it happens very rarely. Definitely invest in the decent clippers and use the appropriate guards and it should be a-okay.

  27. What about women getting their hair cut at home? I have cut my wife’s hair since our third date – gave her her first short cut then, she had neve had her hair above her ears or nape clipped.

    Since she works out of the home as much as I do, the time-saving is great. I have had other women say that they wished they could get their hair cut at home also, but their husbands would never dream of it.

  28. I agree. Cutting a lady’s hair at home is a good idea, and can save even more money. I had a girlfriend who was a stylist who cut my hair several times for me. One day she mentioned that I received free haircuts, but she had to pay for hers. I asked her where she was going with this. She told me she wanted me to give her a haircut. I told her I didn’t know how, and that I liked her long red hair on her head, and I didn’t want to miss it up. Well she told me to pay attention, because she was going to teach me how. And if I didn’t want it cut too short, I had better pay close attention. Well I got the cape around her shoulders, combed her hair, and asked her if she was sure about this. She said YES! My hands shook nervously at first,and I thought it was going to be something we were both going to regret. But I was wrong. She walked me through the details of sectioning her hair, establishing the guide and cutting it straight. I only took off less than an inch, but it looked great. I bought a good quality pair of hair shears that were left handed, and I cut her hair a few more times, until I moved for a job. But I have given hair cuts to other girl friends, women friends I knew, and even had friends of ladies show up when their friend was getting her hair cut and ask if I could cut theirs too. Once you get the technique down of the sectioning, and trimming, it is easy. I have even had to repair botched jobs from visits to the salon, where the “professional” did a poor job. I prefer cutting a woman’s long hair. I have given short haircuts to ladies, but the short hair doesn’t give you as much to work with. The longest hair I ever cut was mid-thigh, and I had to kneel on the floor for that trim to take a couple inches off.

  29. Charlie, where do you live? I want you to teach my husband to cut my hair for me, or just have you trim it. I will pay you. I have asked him just to trim the ends for me, but he tells me he won’t. He doesn’t think it is a manly thing to do. You sound like you have gotten over that fear, and feel comfortable with the hair shears. Your wife is so lucky to have a husband who would cut his wife’s hair, let alone do it for one of her friends. I would really like to gt my hair trimmed without dreading it for days in advance.
    I have long hair and cannot find a salon or stylist that I can trust not to chop off my hair. I go to different ones and firmly tell them just an inch. But I haven’t been happy with their attitude or results.
    I had my 8 year old daughter’s friend’s mom who is a stylist, who I know from my daughter’s dance class cut mine last time. I just wanted a trim of a couple inches. Well she made a big deal of the fact she thought I was too old to wear my hair to the middle of my back and told me, “Next Time, No excuses! I was getting a real haircut”. I have asked other friends and they look at me like there was something wrong with me. My sister has cut mine a couple times, it wasn’t too bad. But I had to even up the ends standing in front of the bathroom mirror with a hand mirror to fix it. At least it wasn’t chopped short. It would just be some much easier if my husband would say OK, I’ll do it for you. I am not asking for highlights, a perm or coloring. My daughter is too young, and my son who is 13, I am a little hesitant to ask. I could just hear him saying, Mom, that is so weird”.

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