Dec 31 2007

The Better Budget 2008 Challenge!


[singlepic=61,187,86,,] When I look at my bank account and at my buying habits, I think I was reasonably frugal for 25 percent of 2007.

That 25 percent–yeah, definitely happened toward the end of the year. I’d like this year to be much more frugal than the last.

I’m still new to frugality, and I want to become even better at it in 2008.

To hold myself more accountable and to encourage others, I’ve decided to create a challenge: The Better Budget 2008 Challenge! Woo hoo!

Here’s how I’m envisioning it (subject to change):

I’ll focus on an overall theme to tackle each month. Each theme will relate to areas of the budget we can improve.

In January, we’ll work on establishing an overall budget, for example. Other months, we’ll focus on grocery, entertainment, clothing, etc.

On Mondays (starting Jan. 7, once people start to get back in the swing of things), I’ll issue a challenge for the week. Some weeks will be easier than others, but all will be for improving our frugality and evaluating new frugal ideas.

If you’d like to participate, blog about the challenge in the “before” sense (I’ll post questions and ideas to guide you). You’ll have all week to give it a try.

Then, on Fridays, we’ll blog about how it went, including reactions on how well it worked for you, if you’ll continue with the particular frugal habit in the future, ideas for improving it, etc.

I’ll use a “Mister Linky” so we can see how everyone is doing and offer support and ideas.

I know my overall description for this challenge is vague. I hope by the end of the first week, it will make more sense.

What do you think? Do you think you might want to participate here and there? Ideas for improving it?

I’m looking forward to a frugal 2008, and I hope you’ll join me!

Start thinking about your current budgets now! We’ll be revamping them/setting them up in the coming weeks.

22 Responses to “The Better Budget 2008 Challenge!”

  1. I’m not totally sure I understand, but sign me up! There is always, always room for improvement! :)

  2. You already know we’re begging for grocery help over on our blog. So, sign us up!!!

  3. I’ll be joining in as well! Anything to help the budget!


  4. Neat idea, looking forward to it. I’m kicking up the frugal notch to a new level!

  5. I’m in. I definitely need to revamp my nonexistant budget. Plus, this will keep me honest with posting.

  6. I am all for anything that challanges or reinforces women helping women to be more frugal. I love your site! Happy New Year!

  7. I am really interested in the challenges!

  8. Thanks for your enthusiasm, everyone! I hope this will be fun and beneficial for us all.

  9. Okay I am in. Happy New Year to all & to all happy frugal-ling .

  10. Hey Kacie I will participate as well. BTW, I hope that everyone has taken advantage of all of the after Christmas/New Years sales you know that there are only 364 more days until Chrstmas:)

    Also, Aldi had a great deal on bread .25 for plain or raisin bagels, .59 for raisin cinnamon bread, .49 for hoagie rolls and dinner rolls.

    I only bought 4 pks. of bagels. My husband hasn’t completely jumped on the…buy today cheap and use tomorrow mentality. He thinks that it’s a waste of money to buy in advance just because something is a great deal.

    Anyhow, for those who have a Walmart…75% off all Christmas items. Lot’s of great buys for next season.

  11. I am interested in the challenge!

  12. I just found out about this site from a friend and boy oh boy do I need help in this area! My family will be going from two incomes to one in 3 weeks (with hubby’s new job, I can stay home with our son) so I am dire need of ways to save money, especially when it comes to groceries. We waste SO much food it’s ridiculous. If there is a way to save money but still eat healthy, sign me up!

  13. Count me in!

  14. I’ll definitely be checking Monday!

  15. Well I know I am late to the table so to speak but if you are still doing the challenge I would love to join. I’ve just started working on being Frugal. In the past I would be frugal for a week and then go crazy the next. So sign me up please!

  16. I would like to join the challenge also! I found this site when I was trying to find out ways to cut down on my grocery bill. I’ve already decided to take advantage of my job’s public transportation voucher program (I’ve cut my gas bill down to $0/week). Can’t wait to join you guys!

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