Dec 31 2007

CVS deals for January


When I was in CVS yesterday (burning all my extra care bucks!), I asked the store manager if the January extra care booklet was out yet. It was, but the prices aren’t valid yet (gotta wait until Jan. 1).

He gave me a booklet, and I’m going to list a few of the better-looking monthly deals:

CVS toothbrush with tongue cleaner — pay $2.99, get $2.99 in ECB back. Limit 2.

I don’t know how long this sale is going on (either three days, or all week? anyone know?) but CVS-brand products are buy one, get the second half off. So, perhaps you could buy two toothbrushes, spend about $4.49 out of pocket, and get $5.98 in ECB back. Let me know if this works, anyone!

-Assorted Reach toothbrushes will earn $1 ECB, limit 2.

Dial complete foaming hand soap 3-pack $6.99, get $2 ECB (I tried to find some online printable coupon for these, but had no luck). I like the foaming soaps because when they run low, you can add water to them and really extend the life of them. At about $2.33 each, it’s not bad, but not a good deal if you don’t need soap. Limit 5 (though who in the world needs 15 foaming soaps?)

Johnson’s “softlotion” with “softwash” (so, 11-14 oz of lotion, 12 oz. of softwash. It looks like a bundled package) $5.97, get $2 ECB. $1 off printable coupon here. Limit 5.

If you need toothbrushes, lotion and bodywash, you could get the two CVS toothbrushes (for either $5.99 or $4.48 total, not sure); and the Johnson’s softlotion for $4.97 with your printable coupon.

That puts your total at $10.95 or $9.45, depending on how the toothbrush deal will go.

If the toothbrushes make your total $9.45, you’ll need an extra .55 purchase so you can use $2 off $10 purchase coupon. Grab a candy bar or something.

Out of pocket, you’ll spend about $8. You’ll get $7.98 in extra care bucks back, good on your next purchase. Don’t forget to give the cashier your extra care card before or during the transaction! You won’t get these deals without it.

Remember, it’s only a good deal if you actually need these products!

What other deals at CVS have you discovered for the month?

Update: I just saw that Angie has posted a quick primer on how to do CVS. It’s concise and tells you everything you need to know! She regularly showcases some great deals, so you’ll want to subscribe to her blog for sure.

5 Responses to “CVS deals for January”

  1. Hi Kacie,
    Just wanted to say for someone who has only been frugal a short time you are doing so well! I enjoy your blog, it’s one of my fave’s on my reduced-reading blog list for 2008.

    Not only am I focusing on being frugal with what I buy I am also being more frugal with what I “won’t” buy & making do with what I have when possible.

    I’m not sure this will work with the Dial foaming soaps, but I do this with the Bath & Body ones (bought on a really good sale of course!). I usually use about 1/4 or a little more of soap and then add warm water to fill and shake well. I’ve been able to reuse mine over and over. Maybe not as fabulous as the new ones, but it extends the soap & hey, it’s frugal.

  2. Thanks, Lyn! That means a lot to me.

    The foaming soaps you can definitely add water to without noticing a difference. I haven’t tried adding water to other types of liquid soap, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work as well.

  3. I had some GREAT deals today at CVS, Walgreens, Target and a consignment store. Check out my post at

  4. By the way, I don’t know why but the CVS locations close to me said they are not going to have a monthly booklet anymore. He said the company is trying to see how it goes with just using billboards in the store for the month to let people know what is on sale. I also noticed that the outside of the items had the deals written on them. This is all new here. Is the same thing going on there?

  5. I hope they don’t get rid of the monthly sales booklet. I really like the month-long sales.

    I did see some new pricing on the ad as well, it was different (and beneficial) for sure.

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