Dec 30 2007

Buh-bye, extra care bucks!


I just burned all $9.97 of my CVS extra care bucks. As in, I spent them all without getting extra care bucks back.

I’m totally fine with that.

My husband and I were in CVS today, there to buy a few items we needed. I was out of vitamins, he wanted some mints, I wanted a newspaper, and baby oil (side note: who knew that baby oil, when applied post-shower but before drying off can be such a great moisturizer? Oh, my mother-in-law did. Good tip!).

I bought CVS brand multivitamins for $5.99. This week, CVS brand items are buy one, get one 50 percent off. So, I bought two bottles that should last four months.  In case you’re curious, I buy the children’s chewable kind. I don’t like swallowing pills, and I like the taste of the chewables. Win-win.

I didn’t have a $2 off $10 coupon with me, but it wasn’t worth the drive home to print one off.

Out of pocket, I spent about $5. No more extra care bucks for me.

But ya know what? I’m a-OK with that.

I didn’t need any of the products that generate extra care bucks this week (and there aren’t many). I didn’t want to buy a product simply so I could get the ECBs.

However, I DID need to buy some products for our home. It made sense to just go ahead and get them, saving about $10 off my total order thanks to the ECB.

I just want my CVS-ing to work for me, ya know?

I’ll likely still go to CVS, but probably not each week now. We have a well-stocked supply bin, and we won’t be running out of essentials any time soon. I’ll gradually stock it as needed, but working the deals in October was essentially all I needed to do to get a good start on my toiletry supplies.

5 Responses to “Buh-bye, extra care bucks!”

  1. A more natural solution that I use for my skin after I shower is olive oil just use as you would baby oil while your skin is still damp. It has made my skin so much softer and it doesn’t have a fragance to set of our allergies. I have always used on my three year old too.

  2. I’m at the same place also. I’ve been stocking for a few months on the things we regularly use, so I am starting off 2008 really well. I am thankful that CVS & ECB’s exist, but it’s nice to know I can step away for a bit and just not shop. I’d rather stay home & be toasty warm, not using up expensive gas.

  3. Same boat here–I am well stocked up and I don’t see much worth getting this week. I am impressed with your rite aid stuff–we have a rite aid (no walgreens) but I have not tried it out just yet. I think I will pay a little more attention now!

  4. I too spent the rest of my ECBs at CVS the other day. I only really had 1 because I used the remainder of mine to buy DH a Pro Care Electronic Toothbrush for Christmas. He was very excited… anyway… it generated $30 ECBs which we used to buy 3 weeks worth of diapers… then the other day spent my last 4 ECBs on toilet paper. :) Crazy… I figure it will be fun to start over in 2008. :)

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