Dec 28 2007

Listening to Dave Ramsey


After reading Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover, I started listening to his radio show.

I like hearing callers’ questions and how Dave responds. It’s also encouraging to hear people’s success stories.

I’m curious, do you listen to the radio program? What do you think of it? Do you listen to other syndicated radio programs?

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9 Responses to “Listening to Dave Ramsey”

  1. I don’t listen, but loved the book. Actually we are using his method.

    I would probably listen to the show, but the chances of me having a few minutes to listen uninterrupted are slim. I would probably get more annoyed at my kids then is worth it :)

  2. I do listen, whenever I can. I usually listen online.

    I have been listening for so long that I try to guess what Dave’s reply will be before he says it. Since he is pretty straightforward, I am usually right. :)

  3. I love listening to Dave Ramsey, but haven’t for a while. His podcast is my favorite method of listening. Like the previous commenter, I really appreciate his straightforward, no-nonsense manner. You don’t find that too many places.

  4. My hubby listens every day. He listens online. My computer is being stubborn, so I can’t listen, but sometimes I listen from his computer. I can’t wait for the day we can call in and say, “We’re debt free!!” I’m loving seeing things get paid off -it’s a wonderful feeling! And Dave has definitely been our inspiration!

  5. I love his show. I find it very encouraging and inspiring!

  6. I’m a huge DR fan, and listen to his show on my mp3 player while driving to/from work.

    He also has a TV show now as well on Fox Business Network. it’s very similar to the radio show only you get to see him…some of his facial expressions are priceless.

    Nice blog you have her Kacie. Found you on StumbleUpon. Added you to my reader list as well.

  7. Thanks for coming by, Glblguy! I appreciate it, and I’m heading over to see your blog right now. :)

  8. I listen every day! It really helps me stay on track, and after awhile, it really makes debt seem pretty weird! ;)

  9. I love his show. I’ve been to 3 live events, listen to his show on the radio, and catch him on Fox Business whenever I get the chance. It has kept my wife and me in line. Since finding him in December 2004, we have paid off a van (6 months early) and our house (6 years and 11 months early)! And we’re in our mid-40’s. Because of him, we are going to be millionaires in about 7 years or less!!!!! Our 6 and 4 year old kids are going to know what it means to be debt free.

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