Dec 28 2007

Just a little PSA on your Sunday paper


I don’t subscribe to a newspaper anymore. I used to–but I’ve gone the way of reading it online to save paper and money.

Still, I buy a Sunday newspaper for the coupons. If you do that too, then you should know that there won’t be coupon inserts in your paper this Sunday. You’ll have your normal ads, but no Smart Source, no Valassis, no P&G insert.

For whatever reason, they just don’t come out the Sunday before Christmas or New Year’s. I think the same holds true for the Sunday before after Thanksgiving, but I can’t remember.

UPDATE: OK, so now P&G is planning to do an insert in this Sunday’s paper. Who knew? Susan did! Thanks, ma’am! I’m going to run out and get my newspaper, I think.

Here’s a link to the expected coupons in that insert.  Thanks, Boogiemum, for reminding us of TaylorTownPreview.

Also, thanks to Centsible Shopper for pointing out that there aren’t usually coupon inserts in the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Thanks everyone!

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5 Responses to “Just a little PSA on your Sunday paper”

  1. Around here, we generally don’t coupons when there’s a holiday.

  2. Here is a link to the schedule…

  3. I got an e-mail from P&G saying there would be coupons in the Dec. 30 paper.

    (scroll toward the bottom for their calendar).

    I think this was a last minute change. HTH!


  4. Good to know, I have relatives that just give me theirs. On days there are good ones I might splurge and buy one too. I noticed last Sunday did not have any either. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I don’t know if it’s always this way, but the Sunday after Thanksgiving, they didn’t have coupons this year.

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