Dec 19 2007

What my refrigerator says about me


I thought it would be fun to take a picture of my refrigerator and share it with you.

When I travel, I love to get a magnet as a souvenir. They don’t cost much, but I can display them on a place I look at every day.


In the bottom left side, you’ll see my Indiana magnets–places including the Indianapolis Zoo, a scenic restaurant along the Ohio River, Bluespring Caverns, and Holiday World.

The top left: My husband brought me the one from California from a business trip, the Chicago one I got during a journalism conference, the bus I got from Montgomery, Alabama during a civil rights history tour.

In the center, you’ll see magnets from a fun Florida vacation.

Further right, I have magnets from our honeymoon in Seattle and Alaska.

And, at the top, a magnet practically every woman in my family has: “Life is fragile, handle with prayer.”

What does my refrigerator say about me?

Well, I enjoy traveling, but I haven’t been to many places yet. I like to keep small mementos to spark my memories of places I’ve seen.

My refrigerator isn’t my message center for my home. I don’t keep post-its or grocery lists there.

I don’t have children’s artwork to display.

I also have plenty of space for new magnets and memories.


I’d love it if you join in–either leave a comment below describing your fridge, or take a picture and talk about it on your own blog. Please include your link below and link back to me.

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7 Responses to “What my refrigerator says about me”

  1. Go I.U.!!! Would that restaurant be the Overlook? We’re planning a trip over there this winter. About 45 minutes from home!

  2. You betcha, its the Overlook! :)

  3. great idea… that was fun ;)

  4. oh, I thought you were going to take a pic of the INSIDE :) That would be fun too!

  5. Very fun idea – Thanks!

  6. Great idea, and cool blog!

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