Dec 19 2007

U comment, I follow


ifollowmagentap.gifWe’d like to encourage your comments on this blog. We’ve turned off the “no follow” on the site, which means that now, when you leave a comment and include your own URL, that will help your standings in Google searches and with your overall page rank.

Of course, I’ll moderate this to prevent spam from pharmaceutical companies and other ridiculous things.

WordPress and some other blog software does the u comment, “Nofollow” html code, and so many bloggers don’t know to turn off the function (if they want).

If you’d like to turn off that feature in WordPress, you can visit this site.

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7 Responses to “U comment, I follow”

  1. I havn’t heard of this before. Intresting….
    Course I am still a as I like it. To scared to switch! :-D

    Very cool!
    Have a GREAT Christmas!

  2. I love these plugins but am always scared of Google not liking them as much… I think they are good for blogs looking for interaction and no so good for those looking for SE traffic… As a compromise I have them on about 1/2 my blogs

  3. Hey there! Nice pink site :)

    Yes, dofollow is the way forward. I turned off nofollow on my blog some time back. I can see both sides of the argument … and possibly for those people with less knowledge (or desire to learn), setting nofollow as a default was probably the right thing to do. At least by turning on dofollow the blog owner/author will understand what’s going on if the comments start to get too spammy.

    P.S. I love the pig in your header! He’s great.

    Homeworker’s last blog post..Free Ads, Free Classifieds List – Just Help Yourself

  4. I wish I had had your insight towards saving when I was your age. Unfortunately, I did buy that house prematurely at a high interest rate, and spent way too much for it before it was paid off. But, a divorce and 14 years of child support didn’t help either.

    I’ve read that putting the money in the 401K earlier in the year is the best bang for the investment buck because it earns all year long. If your 401K is like mine, you should be able to deignate your pay period percentage up to 75% of your gross pay. Though this is quite high, it gives a lot of room in between what you currently are having withheld and what the system allows.

    Hope this helps.


  5. I love the Marshmallow treats – I will have to look for the 100 calorie packs – that may help my healthy resolution this year.

  6. Yum! I love Little Debbie. My favorite snack is my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies…they are delicious! thanks!!

  7. Ice cream is my favorite snack, but I like everything. That’s probably one of my weight problems!

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