Dec 18 2007

Festival of Frugality #105


I decided to enter a new festival for the first time, the Festival of Frugality. It’s hosted by FIRE Finance this week.

I submitted my post on cooking without electricity.  In retrospect, my post doesn’t exactly fit the theme, but in a way it does. Part of being frugal means being prepared, right? So, bada bing.

Here’s a few posts from the festival I enjoyed reading:

My Money Thinks shows us that “Yes, it is possible to save money on utility bills!” Indeed. Some tips you probably know, some might be new and worth a try.

Paid Twice knows that sometimes, being frugal means you’re uncomfortable and unhappy. Read her post and decide for yourself: Should she save money or indulge a little?

Money Blue Book shows us five ways anyone can save money. They’re not hard at all.

Lightening has a monster of a post showing how to be frugal when buying fruits and vegetables, and how choosing to buy those items instead of say, chips, is ok on your wallet and great for your health.

Money Changes Things makes an excellent point about saving money on your heating bill. If it’s 63 but you’re absolutely miserable, you’re better off to do things to make yourself warm, rather than increase the temperature in your whole house. She shares some strategies for how to do this.

The Digerati Life shares six ideas for trimming the costs on Christmas lights.

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2 Responses to “Festival of Frugality #105”

  1. That little cooker looks pretty interesting…how long does it take to heat up? Would you be able to boil soup in that?

  2. Hi, Raymond!

    It heats rather quickly. Its primary purpose is to keep hot things hot, like a hot dip or something like that, but I’ve tried melting cheese and salsa dip in it, and it doesn’t take long at all.

    It can heat things to the point of a low bubble, but not a rapid one. I do think I’d be able to heat soup in no time in it.

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