Dec 17 2007

Cost-calculated meal plans


I just thought I’d highlight the blogs in my Google Reader that have broken down their menu’s costs for the week.

Three cheers for you guys! If you’ve calculated the costs for your menu, won’t you include a link in the comments so I can start reading your blog?

Rachel is making some delicious-sounding meals this week and feeding her family for $18.41. She is fixing meats and vegetables, and it sounds great and is good for ya, too!

Kristy is spending $21.77 this week. I can’t remember how many she’s feeding. Everything looks delicious and frugal there!

Over at Frugalfoodstuffs, you’ll see a menu for $25.39. From chili to linguini to a special Christmas dish, everything looks great over at her house!

So, what are you waiting for? Why not join in the fun and start calculating your food costs? We’ll help ya, if need be.


D’oh! I totally forgot to mention Cheap Healthy Good. Visit Kris’ blog to see recipe cost break-downs as recipes are posted.  Check out today’s post featuring “wacky cake” that’s only .17 per serving!

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6 Responses to “Cost-calculated meal plans”

  1. Hi Kacie,

    I apologize up front for the straight-up self promotion.

    While I don’t calculate weekly menu expenditures, my blog is based on the idea that good food is frugal food. Every recipe post includes a cost breakdown at the end, and it might help some of your readers.

    Happy holidays!

  2. Whoops! I subscribe to your blog, and I can’t believe I forgot to include you in this round-up. Sorry about that! Folks, be sure to visit Cheap Healthy Good! (see my updated post for the URL)

  3. Wow, thanks for linking my blog, I think that’s a first for me! =o) And here I was dragging my feet in getting it up!

  4. Oh! Kacie! Thank you for the link! That’s awesome, and much appreciated.

  5. LOVE wacky cake! I was raised on it. It’s also super-easy to make too.

  6. Thanks for linking my blog! You are the one that got me started with calculating the cost of my meals! :)

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