Dec 14 2007

How $15 could save me money and get me out of the house


Amy had a post today explaining why she bought an Entertainment Book for her area.

I had seen them around town for about $25. I wasn’t interested at that price.

But when I saw on the web site that it was available for $15 with free shipping, and I could get additional online printable savings, I wanted to learn more.

I wasn’t going to buy one if it didn’t look like I could easily get my money back by using those coupons to save money on something I would normally buy.

I found coupons for restaurants we wanted to visit and museums we wanted to tour. Sold.

So, I paid $15 to save (hopefully) a lot more money.

But you know what else?

Having that coupon book might encourage us to get out and see more of the city.

We tend to be homebodies and even though we’ve lived here for six months now, we still haven’t been to a museum (they have some really cool ones here, too). We’ve been out to eat maybe five times, and just generally haven’t been tourists in this city.

With this coupon book, I might be more inspired to say, “Hey, we could do this (fun thing) for about $5. Wanna go?”

Have you purchased a coupon book for your city? What do you think about it?

7 Responses to “How $15 could save me money and get me out of the house”

  1. We loved the Entertainment Book when it was just the two of us! Definitely a great deal when two can eat in a real restaurant for only $8.

  2. I love love love the Entertainment book. We’ve gotten the Southern NJ one for the past few years and have always made back my money plus way more.

    Our favorite coupon is one that is buy 1 get 1 free to our favorite summer activity… dolfin watching in Cape May, NJ. And those tix are $30 a piece, so our money is easily made with one coupon used. Can’t get much better than that.

  3. We bought our through our kids’ school for a fundraiser. In years past, the book was well worth 25.00, but the last few years, they have gone down down down. I wouldn’t buy one for even 15.00 and the principal told me they won’t be selling those next year.

    I’m sure in bigger cities, the book is a much better value.

  4. I bought one off of Entertainment book website and got the book in June, it was $10.00. I still had plenty of time to use the coupons. They also send me other coupons to get them cheaper if I buy them at certain times.

  5. That’s a pretty decent price for it, I think. As long as it doesn’t encourage you to spend much more money than you other wise would but helps you achieve other goals like getting out of the house then I think it’d be a good buy! :)

  6. I agree with Meredith – when it was just my husband and me, we definitely got our money back without spending more than we intended to! Now that we have a toddler, we just do different activities that don’t usually lend themselves to coupons (um, play at the park).
    Also, sometimes our parents have gotten the books (they live in the same area) and they will invite us to scavenge coupons out of it too – it’s so big I doubt one family could use all the coupons!

  7. We get two each year. Two different books cover our area. They contain 20.00 worth of coupons to our grocery store we use, so we get most of our money back right from the start. We don’t eat fast food often, but when we do, one of us drives thru, and the other one goes in. So for the price of two value meals, we feed three adults and two kids.

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