Dec 14 2007

Hotel Glasses


This is absolutely disgusting. You’ve probably caught wind of this story floating through the blogosphere or in other news outlets, but I wanted to make sure it reaches a few more of you.

A TV news team in Atlanta did an investigation on hotel room cleanliness, specifically with the drinking glasses provided to guests.

They found that at many hotel chains in the area, the drinking glasses were never actually cleaned.

Housekeepers spritzed them with a blue “do not drink” fluid, wiped them down with towels (possibly used towels) and put them out for you to use.

No hot water. No soap. No sanitizing solution.


Even though this practice probably doesn’t happen at all hotels, there really isn’t a way to be sure.

In the Fox news report, they interviewed a health inspector who listed a number of diseases a person could get, including herpes, mononucleosis, and they could even get flesh-eating bacteria.

Yes, please, sign me up for all of those.

I doubt the in-room coffee pots are cleaned and sanitized. As much as I like hot coffee, I think I’ll stick with getting it from a legitimately clean source.

As for the drinking glasses, we won’t be using them. It’s not worth the risk. If I think to bring some dish soap with me, I’ll wash them myself. Otherwise, we’ll use paper cups or cups we’ve brought ourselves.

The video makes you kinda want to just sleep in your car, doesn’t it?

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3 Responses to “Hotel Glasses”

  1. For sure!
    I had that forwarded to me by a lot of people.
    How disgusting!!!!

  2. I was once at a hotel and went to make coffee and fortunately I looked into the water resevoir. There was MOLD growing in it! YUCK!

  3. Yeah, I just don’t trust those. I also don’t like glasses in general—I prefer my water bottle, because I control it.

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