Dec 13 2007

Scraping carrots: Is it necessary?


I don’t like peeling vegetables. It takes awhile, and it’s a pain. When I cooked a bunch of potatoes, I decided to use recipes that didn’t require me to peel them, for the most part.

The other day, I was scraping carrots. There was a gigantic pile of carrot shavings that I tossed out (I don’t compost–live in an apartment with nowhere to do it). What a waste!

It got me to thinking: Do I actually need to scrape carrots? What if I just scraped parts that looked particularly rough or unappetizing?

As long as I wash them, is that enough?

What do you guys think? Is there any reason why peeling carrots is a “must”?

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9 Responses to “Scraping carrots: Is it necessary?”

  1. I NEVER peel (as we say it in this neck of the woods!) carrots. I just wash them well. I also try to skip peeling potatoes. I have even been known to make apple crisp with unpeeled apples! I’m a little lazy, but also, there are vitamins in the skins. And most of my produce is locally grown by farmers who don’t use chemicals.

  2. I’ve read (but I can’t seem to find the article now) that carrots only need to be scrubbed but should not scraped/peeled. I use a good vegetable brush and either a fruit/veg spray or non-toxic all-natural soap (we use 7th Generation) and water.

  3. They have a stronger “carroty” taste if you don’t peel them. If you don’t mind the carrot taste, why bother? :-)

  4. I dunno…the dirt just gets to me. I always peel, but I won’t look down on your for just giving them a good scrub. ;)

  5. I never peel either. I give them a good scrub, and have never had a problem.

    In fact, I don’t peel potatoes, cucumbers or anything, really.

  6. Lol, thanks! I think I’ll just scrub them, if it’s me and my husband eating them. If for some reason I’m serving carrots to company, I think I’ll peel them, just in case they think that’s gross otherwise.

  7. The skin is so thin, I scrub them with a nylon scrubbie and it pretty much just comes off.

  8. I scrape carrots fine then wash them. If you don’t scrape it has more of a bitter taste.

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