Dec 11 2007

A CVS scenario


A reader question:

Hi Kacie, Do the CVS ECB’s print out immediately? From what I’ve read that’s the case but I wanted to check before I tried this for the first time. I’m hoping to get the Fusion Razor which gives $6 ECB then taking that $6 to purchase the 4 twelve packs of Coke for $12 (which has another $3 ECB). I also have a $4 coupon for the Fusion so it will be free. Thank you!

Yes, the CVS extra care bucks do print out immediately on your receipt (so you can use them in your next transaction–not your current one). From what I’ve heard, this was not the case several months ago, but the store has changed their policy.

Be sure to have them scan your extra care card before you start the transaction. They can scan it any time throughout the transaction, but it’s just easier if you do that first.

Since you want the Fusion Razor and the Coke, here’s what I would suggest doing:

Buy the Fusion Razor ($9.99), and if you can buy one more small item (for less than a dollar) you can use a $2 off $10 purchase coupon to save even more. Give them that first. Then, use your $4 manuf. coupon, which brings your total to 5.99 or less (depending if you used your $2 off coupon and bought another item).

End of transaction 1. Your $6 ECB will print on that receipt.

Your second transaction:

Buy your 4 Cokes at $12. Hand the cashier another $2 off $10 coupon, bringing your total to $10.

Use your $6 ECB (careful, you’ll have to tear it off your first receipt), bringing your total to $4 out of pocket.

You will get your $3 ECB on that receipt.

Good luck!

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