Dec 10 2007

$15.57 Menu for the week of Dec. 10



This was another menu I quickly threw together. I only went to Aldi this week, and I’ve saved tons of time by doing so.

One thing I really want to push on y’all is to calculate the cost of your menus. Figure it out (it’s simple) and see in real dollars how much you’re saving by making frugal menu decisions and avoiding take-out.

I have a post detailing how you can figure a recipe’s cost, and I also have a nifty recipe cost calculator tool on my site that you can try.

Please give it a go, and if you blog about your recipe’s costs–let me know!

MondaySplit pea soup (love this stuff!) $2.62

Tuesday– Cheese quesadillas (Tortillas are $0.09 each and I’ll use 4, so $0.36; will use about $1.50 worth of shredded cheese, maybe $0.50 worth of salsa), refried beans ($0.49 can) Total: $2.85

Wednesday – Baked chicken ($1.08 per chicken breast at Aldi, using 2, so $2.16, can of corn $0.39, twice-baked potato [$0.30 (yes, I still have tons of servings left from that huge batch)] Total: $2.85

Thursday – Whiting fillets (either steamed, grilled, or baked…haven’t decided)($0.49 per fillet, using 2 = $1), cooked spinach (made from leftover spinach from fresh bag; about $1 worth), ranch & bacon pasta salad ($0.99 box kit) Total: $3

Friday – Aldi’s frozen pizza with some additional pepperoni ($1.99 for the pizza; maybe $0.20 worth of more pepperoni from their “pillow pack pepperoni”) Total: $2.20

Total cost for dinners and lunches (since leftovers make the lunches for the next day: $13.52

Also, this week, I’ll be making banana pineapple bread (hat tip to Mrs. Nichole Jordan) and I’ll be using my bread machine for the first time to make a loaf or two there, as well.

The banana pineapple bread will cost a little more than $2.05 (I didn’t figure the costs of the tiny bits of spice. But the flour is about $0.15 (a nickel a cup); the eggs are about a quarter; .34 for the sugar; .62 for the bananas; and .69 for the pineapple)

I haven’t yet selected a recipe to use for my bread machine, but I’ll be sure to blog about it when I do.

Total including banana pineapple bread: $15.57

P.S., this menu feeds just my husband and I.

For more menus, visit Orgjunkie.

16 Responses to “$15.57 Menu for the week of Dec. 10”

  1. Yum–that bread sounds great.

    I’m bad about groceries–I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to calculate my costs because I don’t keep track of how much I have paid for things. Perhaps I need to start that.

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Looks like a good week. I borrowed the Banana Pineapple Bread recipe. This looks yummy!


  3. Hi Candi!

    How about saving all of your grocery receipts in one place? That might be an easy way for you to look up prices you’re paying. It’s important to know what items cost (even if you are just estimating) so that you know you’re not overpaying.

  4. Sounds good. I like how you calculate things out. What a great idea! I may start doing that myself! Have a great week!

  5. Your menu sounds great! I may just start doing this myself, if I really try I can get great menus that are not that expensive. Would love to save more money on groceries :)

    Mine is up too :)

  6. Hey~Kacie

    I got your question this morning. My Blog name is A Day In The Life Of…

    I’ve changed my blog identity (this morning) from A Country Girl at Heart to Hadias (to avoid confusion)

    My URL is listed using provebswife because A Day in The Life OF… was already taken.
    So my url is

    Whenever you want to mention me in a post I see most people use this format: Hadias at A Day In The Life said…etc,.etc,.

    If this doesn’t answer your question just let me know.

    New Topic: I have split pea soup in my deep freezer and fridge. I love it as well and I am so suprised that my children love also. It has become one of our winter staples. Your blog is looking great. Thanks for stopping by mine.

  7. Your menu looks yummy! I am amazed at the low cost. I have not figured out how much my meals are but it seems like a good exercise to try. I found out last week we an Aldi is being built close to my house. I am looking forward to trying it out.

  8. I am always amazed at your very frugal yet yummy menus. We are a family of 5 and I have lately been able to keep our weekly total to about $50. We have an Aldi’s across the street from us and we love shopping there. Have a great week!

  9. I just love, love, love, love, LOVE!! how you list the costs of your meals! Just wanted to tell you. :) Have a blessed day!

  10. Thats the cost for the 2 loafs right?

    Cuase one batch makes 2 loaves, just curious if you made the costs for 1 or 2 loaves.

    ps. IT is GOOD.. and BEST HOT out of the oven… hehe

  11. Yup–I calculated it for the full recipe, so two loaves.

  12. congrats on winning nancy’s meal planning contest!

  13. Well, I just love your recipe calculator. I am going to start saving my reciepts so I can track what I spend and how many “expensive recipes” I am making. We are looking to save as much money as possible to get out of debt in 2008. Thanks for sharing the calculator.

  14. I really need to get back to watching my budget better. I know it can be done! Even with five big eaters in my family!

    Have a very blessed Christmas,


  15. I really should calculate our costs. We are going out this week, but that’s because we’re going to be out far from home. But usually we eat at home. A lot of times my husband is working so it’s just me and our toddler eating. Those meals I know are cheap. I wish I could be a frugal as you, it’s just not in me.

    My Menu Plan is up too! :)

  16. Awsome! I’ll check out your links!

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