Dec 09 2007

A review: “Ms. Cheap’s Guide to Getting More for Less”

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[singlepic=42,320,240,,right]Awhile back, I was at the library and picked up a copy of Ms. Cheap’s Guide to Getting More for Less, by Mary Hance.

Published in 2001, this 212-page book is basically a big compilation of tips, submitted by readers of Hance’s “Ms. Cheap” column from The Tennessean.

The column is still active, and you can see it published Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Her book is divided into 12 chapters; the first and last are quizzes. Chapter titles include “Shopping on the Cheap,” “Saving at Home,” and “Being Cheap to Be Generous.”

Overall, I found the tips to be similar in nature to the ones found in The Complete Tightwad Gazette. Hance’s book organizes these tips into categories, whereas the Gazette’s tips are more haphazard.

This book does not have an index. If it did, the book would be much more useful.

My favorite tips from the book:

  • • “You know the juice that can be strained off your canned veggies? Well, save it and freeze it. Then when you want to make homemade soup, it makes great soup stock.” –Beth McCracken (p. 92).

  • • When traveling (or not): “Check the local papers for churches or other organizations having fund raising suppers. The cost is usally $3-5. Bonus: You meet some wonderful people.” –Betty Wolfe (p. 132).

  • • One tip (I forgot to write down the page number) suggested making your own salad spinner by washing lettuce leaves and putting them in a clean cotton pillow case. Then, you go outside, and spin it around and around, helicopter-style. Lol! That might work, but it’s a bit ridiculous.

Bottom line:

In all, if you’re itching for new quick tips on saving money, this is worth picking up at the library. You might already know most of these tips, or find some that aren’t applicable to your life.

But if even one tip seems useful to you, and you make it a new money-saving habit, it’s probably worth reading.

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