Dec 07 2007

Frugal fun


Board games and card games can be great sources of fun, frugal entertainment for the whole family.

You can find used board games (hopefully with all of the pieces intact) at garage sales or thrift stores for a great price.

Even if you decide to go out and buy a board game new, sometimes you can get a great deal–especially now during the Christmas gift-buying time.

Hasbro has a deal going on right now (it was in recent Sunday coupon inserts) where you can get rebates on select games.

Right now, we’re limited to two-player board games. Some of our favorites include: Scattegories, Scrabble, Sequence, Monopoly, checkers, and Guess Who? (haven’t played that one in ages), Connect 4, and Clue.

Some of my favorite multi-player board games include the above, and Apples to Apples, Twister (sort of a board game…not really), Boggle, and Mouse Trap.

If you have a deck of cards, you can play a ton of games. I recently learned how to play Euchre, a four-player game (can you believe I’m a Hoosier that just now learned?!), and other games include Go Fish, Hearts, and War, to name a few. If you’re all by yourself, you can play Solitaire.

What are some of your favorite board or card games? How often do you and your family play them?

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8 Responses to “Frugal fun”

  1. DH and I play Boggle just the two of us… it is one of our favorites! :)

  2. My husband and I play Boggle too! He’s not much of a game player, but he likes word games. In my extended family, we played games and ate popcorn every Sunday night. Fun!

  3. I loooove board games and card games. I guess I owe it all to my parents and grandparents who always played board games with us kids when we were growing up.

    My hubby and I play board and card games quite often. It’s a great way to entertain ourselves at home. We don’t go out too often since we have a toddler and another one on the way. So after my daughter goes to sleep, it’s game time for us! Yes, we have very exciting lives, I know. But the bonus is we save alot on entertainment expenses!

    My favorite is definitely Monopoly. Some others we love are Rack-O, Life and Sorry. Two games that my sis and I love to play are Mall Madness and Mystery Mansion. Good times.

  4. Kacie,

    We love to play Rummie at my parent’s house with my brothers. Also we play Chess during the holidays.


  5. Beyond Balderdash–totally! :)

  6. Great site and blog!

    Is it ok to just jump in?

    We just love playing boardgames few favorites monopoly, hotel, scrabble, rummie my eldest (11) is old enough to join in on all the games, when the youngest one (3) joins in we play memory, domino’s, go fish or wheels of the bus.

  7. Hi Chayil!

    Sure, just go ahead and hop in!

    Looks like you have a variety of games to satisfy all ages in your family.

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