Dec 05 2007

If Dave Ramsey was a housekeeper…


After reading Dave Ramsey’s book, The Total Money Makeover, and writing a lengthy post about it, I got to thinking: How could Ramsey’s philosophy be applied to housekeeping?

I’ll tell you what he’d do: [singlepic=39,320,240,,right]

He’d tweak his basic financial steps, and use gazelle-like intensity on his home.

1. Get current on all vital tasks. If the fridge is bare and the bathroom a biohazard, do an emergency clean-up to restore your bathroom to functionality, and hit the grocery for sustenance to last you at least a few days. You need to be decently surviving before you can tackle anything else.

2. Get your house orderly–fast. This isn’t meant to be a deep cleaning and organizing session of your entire home, but tackle the main things. Remove all the garbage lying about, make the beds, sweep the floors, and remove blatant clutter. Your home isn’t ready for hosting a dinner party at this baby step, but your understanding sister can come by and not be overly grossed out or offended.

3. The cleaning snowball. Start with the easiest-to-clean room first. By tackling the cleanest room (not the dirtiest) you’ll get immediate satisfaction in knowing that you have at least one clean room in your home. Work your way through your house, building up to the grand finale of the filthiest room of all. Then, use your gazelle-like intensity and destroy the filth.

4. Finish deep-cleaning your home: Kick Murphy out. In this case, Murphy is that messy (but invisible) family member. The careful housekeeper leaves a clean room, but returns later to find Murphy’s chocolate fingerprints all over the white rug. Murphy also likes to rifle through stacks of paperwork–quickly leaving them in disarray. On occasion, Murphy has been known to knock over entire trash cans, spilling their contents all over a clean floor.

Clean your home from top to bottom so thoroughly–along the baseboards, under the kitchen sink, in the shower drain–so that Murphy can never move back in.

5. Maximize long-term organization. In order to retire from your chores earlier than ever before, simply maintain your present level of clean. A quick pick-up in each room a few times per week, and an occasional scrubbing of the kitchen and bathroom ought to keep even the messes reasonably clean.

Enjoy your long hours of cleaning in previous baby steps, and preserve those efforts by maximizing your organizing and cleaning schedule.

6. College cleaning: If you have a kid in college, try not to visit his or her dorm or apartment. It’s likely that it will be a ridiculous mess. Just avoid it.

9. Live like no one else. You did it! Your home is amazingly clean and well-kept. You can find any item without having to search multiple places, your cupboards are stocked and organized, you’re living an uncluttered life. Your family loves it, and you enjoy being at home. You now have time to actually have fun, since you don’t need to spend all day cleaning anymore.

Because you cleaned like no one else, now you can live like no one else.

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16 Responses to “If Dave Ramsey was a housekeeper…”

  1. Cute comparison!

  2. Lol! If it’s satire or serious, thats funny stuff.

  3. Hilarious!! Sounds like when I asked my decorator-cousin how to dig out from my house which was awful. Her answer, mystified that’d this had happened “Don’t let it get that way.” Duh! I’ve been taking “How to be anal about housekeeping lessons” since moving out on my own in 1980. Still haven’t mastered it. Fly Lady needs a fly swatter for me I guess!

    Great post!

  4. Funny and true! (*sigh* I need to get current on some stuff in my house) Is anyone else disturbed by Dave Ramsey in an apron?

  5. This is great! And I think it’s just about right! I so think you should submit this to Dave. I bet he’d totally get a kick out of it!

  6. You should send it to Flylady too! I think she’d get a good laugh at the comparision.

  7. You are so very clever! I’d never thought of it before… but you are right… now if only I had the energy to work up to gazelle intensity! :)

  8. LOL!!! I’m dying laughing, I love it!!

  9. I love this post! It’s so timely and appropriate for me, and I’ll be using these steps over the coming months.

    Moving out of one place and into a new one is a great opportunity to do something different.

    Thanks for this!

  10. Glad you all liked this one! I had a lot of fun with it.

  11. I am just howling right about now! LOL!!

    I don’t know how I missed your blog here, I found this link while visiting I’ve Paid For This Twice Already. I still have you on my fav’s but it is the old one and when I went to visit I somehow missed this new blog link but went to a different one?

    I was there this morning too lol.

    Great Post!

  12. This is too funny! I am currently tackiling my own battle with procrastination- and my two main categories are house cleaning and finances (not to mention college). I think I am going to employee this (well both) strategies soon!

  13. Hi Heather!

    Glad you found my site once again. So, my old blog is misdirecting readers? Ack! I need to look into that for sure. A weird Google Ad is now part of my posts on there (no clue how it got there) and it’s hard to say what’s going on.

  14. Haha – I found this buy googling “dave ramsey AND flylady” – I knew I couldn’t be the only one obsessed with both

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