Dec 03 2007

Some thoughts on living the frugal life


I’m about two months into my consciously frugal lifestyle (can you really be frugal without being conscious of it? Not sure).

It’s going well.

I still have a lot to learn, but trying to be frugal isn’t as hard as I once thought. Also, it’s a lot more fun than I expected.  Saving money is practically a game.

In this two-month span, I’ve learned how to save hundreds at the drugstore and get all of my toiletries and household goods for next to nothing.

I’ve learned how to maximize my grocery list to stretch my pantry and my dollar further than I ever thought it could go. With every passing week, I’m getting faster at planning my menus and shopping lists.

My home is neater and more efficient than it was before.

And this is just the start. I can’t think of any downsides to striving for living a frugal lifestyle.

You’ve heard the expression, “A penny saved is a penny earned,” right?

I disagree.

When you earn money, you have to pay taxes on it. That “earned” penny took more than a penny’s effort to get–it was worth more before taxes. See what I mean?

Saving money is worthwhile.

By spending less money, our net pay goes much further. We’re able to take care of our needs and we now have plenty left over to handle the wants. What’s not to love?

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2 Responses to “Some thoughts on living the frugal life”

  1. I agree – saving money is a game, and it’s fun!

  2. i like the way you’re thinking here. saving can be like a game or a little competition with yourself.

    the tax part you mentioned…how about not having to pay sales tax on whatever you buy if you’re saving more LOL.

    thanks nice post quick but useful

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