Dec 03 2007

CVS Advisor Panel


Awhile back, I told you about the CVS Advisor Panel. I signed up, but hadn’t heard anything from them until now.

I took a quick survey (maybe 5 minutes) and I’ll get $3 extra care bucks after December 14. Woo hoo! As you all know, $3 ECB can be stretched quite a bit.

For that particular survey, if you didn’t fit the survey’s demographic criteria, you would get $1 ECB instead of $3. Not a bad deal for your time, I’d say.

Has anyone else joined the panel? How many surveys have you taken so far?

7 Responses to “CVS Advisor Panel”

  1. I got the email this afternoon as well and earned the $3. whoo hoo!

  2. Kacie-

    I followed your link and signed up for the program. I gave you props for referring me…Let us know if you get any kudos from CVS!!!


  3. Hi Susan!

    I’m glad you signed up.

    I don’t get any bonuses or anything for sending people to sign up, since it’s not an affiliate program or anything like that.

    That’s a-ok with me–I just love helping other people save money!

  4. I’m pretty sure I joined… but I haven’t heard anything yet. I don’t remember though… so many things in my head these days. :)

  5. I did sign up, but have not received anything yet.

  6. I was called last week to do a brief test on a virtual shopping trip for baby care products in CVS. It was conducted at a research facility in a mall about 25 minutes from my house. It took maybe 10 minutes to complete and they wrote me a check for $40!! I thought I was going to get ECB, but I’ll take the cash anyday! I signed up for the advisory panel about a month ago, received an email last week to complete a survey online, got a phone call from the research facility on saturday,completed the virtual tour on sunday and deposited my $40 on monday!

    I hope they call again soon!

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