Dec 02 2007

Saving and waiting for a high-ticket purchase


Nikon D40xI’ve wanted a specific camera for at least six months: The Nikon D40x. It’s a basic digital SLR camera and I think I’ll have a ton of fun with it. It’s not quite professional quality, but that’s fine, seeing as I am not a professional photographer.

I bought the camera body and the 18-55mm lens that typically comes with this camera on eBay. From what I’ve found, most D40x models on eBay come as packages. Mine includes a tabletop tripod, regular tripod, lens filters, a camera case, and other goodies I will use.

On Amazon, I bought a second lens, a 55-200mm VR.

I can’t wait for my camera things to arrive–hopefully by the end of the week. I’ll be sure to post some pictures as soon as I can.

Why am I blogging about this? Because I’m really proud of myself for waiting until we could afford it.

I could have bought this camera several months ago if I used my credit card. I wouldn’t have been able to pay it off, though. So, we’d be paying interest on it and we would have been in debt for a longer period of time. Not good.

It wasn’t easy–I was really itching for it this fall when the leaves were changing. But, we couldn’t pay for it in full then. And, since a camera is NOT an emergency, I really couldn’t justify getting it sooner.

Now, we can afford it. And it feels really good.

If you buy things online, you probably use a credit card (unless you have a gift card or something like that). Look into using a “virtual number” or a “one-time use number” on your credit card. It’s free and easy to use.

My credit card is with Citi, and the “virtual number” button is on the page I reach once I login.

With those virtual numbers, your card will issue you a one-time use number, complete with expiration date and those 3-digit security numbers. It’s just an extra peace of mind you can use when making online purchases, knowing that your real credit card number isn’t being charged, simply a number assigned to your account.

One other thing–if you’re in the market for a digital camera or laptop or something, do search online retailers and eBay for it. I saved hundreds of dollars by going this route–and I didn’t have to pay sales tax.

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4 Responses to “Saving and waiting for a high-ticket purchase”

  1. That’s great! Micah and I asked for a simple digital camera for Christmas. :) If we get it, then it could be useful for blogging.

  2. Good job on waiting and saving for it. That’s difficult to do. I saved my “too expensive” items for my Christmas list, but if I don’t get them, I’ll start saving right away.

    I’d never heard of those one time use numbers for cards before. I take it that if someone else tries to use the number, they know it’s fraud?

  3. Yay! Good job waiting until you could pay for it with cash instead of credit.

    The D40x is on my list too (along with a laptop he he…). We are paying off our debt right now, and once we are debt-free I’m going to save up for the camera.

  4. My big Christmas gift last year was a digital SLR- a D50, the predecessor to the D40- and we did as you said- researched the choice, saved up for it, and looked for the best deal (we ended up getting it as a doorbuster on Black Friday a year ago).

    And, to give a plug for the camera you’re looking at- I’ve loved my Nikon, and I’m sure you will too. There were a few reasons I chose the D50 over the D40, but everything I’ve heard about the D40 has been good. Enjoy!

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