Nov 30 2007

A trip to Walgreens


WalgreensI haven’t been to Walgreens in awhile, since I was waiting for my rebate gift card to arrive in the mail.

It got here about a month after I sent for it, and I had about $32 to use.

I did two transactions. The first I did so I could get a separate receipt to send for a manufacturer’s rebate.

1. I used a $1 off manuf. coupon and bought Orajel Advanced Tooth Desensitizer for $3.99. I don’t think I have a cavity, but I do have a painfully sensitive tooth. Next to that manuf. coupon is a form for a rebate of up to $7 off, so I’ll get my money back on that. I used my gift card to pay the initial balance.

2. I bought the free-after-rebate Jane “Be Pure” mineral cosmetics. There’s an online printable coupon for $2 when you sign up for their e-newsletter. Use the coupon, and you’ll get paid to take the product. Sadly, I forgot to bring mine with me. Oh well, it’s still free.

3. Pert Plus is on sale for $3.49 and you’ll get a $2.50 back rebate. I had a $1 off manuf. coupon, so that makes the shampoo free once I get my rebate.

4. I used my $3 off Keri Renewal lotion manuf. coupon and bought the 4 oz. serum. That stuff is regularly priced at $14.99. Somewhat insane, I think. The rebate on that is $10, so I paid $1.99 for it, essentially.

The cashier gave me a free sample of Britney Spears’ “Curious” perfume. Lol.

If I had no coupons or rebates and paid regular price, I would have spent $29.46 today. After coupons, that’s $24.46, and after store and manuf. rebates, that’s $1.98.

But wait! There’s more!

I’ll have them put my rebate on my gift card instead of having them send me a check. This will earn me an extra 10%. Ten percent of the $18.49 in Walgreens rebates means I’ll get an extra $1.84 back.

There’s some other deals going on that I might get later this week, for example, Glade Holiday candles will generate $1-3 in rebates (depending on the type) and I also have some coupons to use with them. But, I have tons of candles, and since they won’t be free, I might pass on it.

What deals have you found at Walgreens?

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7 Responses to “A trip to Walgreens”

  1. Great work! Good tip on the gift card vs check, too. You may want to read my experience with trying to use online coupons down in Lincoln Trail country! [You may need to scroll down]

  2. I don’t have a Walgreen’s deal, but I have a cheap fix for a hurting tooth – put Listerine directly on it (real Listerine with the alcohol in it). Also clove oil will help.

  3. I got the butler toothbrushes. 2.78 for 2 two-packs and I had 2 $1off q so I got 4 toothbrushes for 0.78. Those are for my mom to take home with her. Also got Sure deo for $1.25 after $0.75 off q. Finally I got free Naturals chapstick. There’s a wag 7 day q for $1 off any single. Back in september there was a manuf coupon out for the naturals and they are megasaver right now for $1.99. So, free chapstick for hubby. Oh! also the energizer charger with batteries are free after rebate: priced 9.99, rebate up to $10.

  4. wow! I just found your blog and you’ve got great tips. Thanks for sharing these for Walgreens. I’ll have to make a trip over tomorrow~

  5. I wish we had a Walgreens close by! Our closest one is 30ish minutes away. With 3-4 CVS stores and 2-3 Rite-Aids within 10 minutes of here it is a little hard to justify… but with this Pert sale and rebate stuff going on… I may have to try it. I have a number of Pert coupons… and a $5 manuf. rebate when I buy 2. This is the ONLY shampoo DH will use… so perhaps I need to get down there. :) They do have a Fashion Bug with a maternity section down there… hmmm… I’ll have to see how long that sale is going. :)

    Thanks for the info!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you visit again soon.

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