Nov 29 2007

Exercise…it could save your life!


Being healthy and physically fit absolutely fits in with a frugal lifestyle. Maintaining your health means fewer doctor’s visits, prescriptions, problems, and a longer life.

That said, I am horrible at fitting exercise into my daily life.

I was a runner in high school and on the track and cross-country teams. I worked out 2-3 hours per day, and lifted weights at least once per week. For awhile, I even took a weight training class as a part of my school day.

I could run for hours, could almost bench press my body weight, and I felt great.

I was in the best shape of my life and I’m letting that go tumbling down a jagged, flaming hill of health problems and misery.

I’ve gained maybe 10-15 pounds since my running days and I’m still nowhere near being classified as “overweight,” yet I’m quite unhealthy.

My resting pulse is high, I have little energy, I have trouble sleeping, and I’m just generally on the path to health problems on down the road.

Time to step it up. Right now.

I need to start slow. If I don’t, I’ll get discouraged or injured. But I absolutely need to fit exercise into my daily life and I’m blogging about this for accountability.

I have a Pilates DVD that I really love. I bought it for about $10 on Amazon and I really enjoy the 30-minute workout. I just need to push “Play” and actually do it, ya know?

Also, my apartment complex has a workout room that residents can use at no additional cost.

“Excuse me? Kacie? You silly goose, you have access to a free workout room and you don’t use it?” you’re probably saying to yourself.

Yeah, I know. It’s absurd. I’m already paying for access to this workout room (it’s included in my rent somehow).

The gym isn’t fancy–just a treadmill, stationary bike, and some weight machines. Still, it’s enough to work up a sweat.

Oh, and there’s a TV in the workout room. With cable. Quite an incentive for someone who has over-the-airwaves TV, ya know?

I don’t want to start running outside again. My body is in no state to handle that right now–it would be disastrous. Plus, I’m not even sure if I like running anymore.

I’d like to know a few things:-What do you do for exercise?

-How do you stay motivated? 

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7 Responses to “Exercise…it could save your life!”

  1. My best incentive for exercising was wanting to get out of the house and to have an exercise buddy. It had been a long time since I last exercised but around this time last year I started exercising again. I found someone to exercise with and I also found the Y. The membership is $64 a month but that includes free babysitting for up to 1.5 hrs everyday. So I saw it as an opportunity to allow my son interaction with other children and I got adult interaction as well. It’s money well spent for us. I only stopped exercising when I hit week 34 of my pregnancy and I was very reluctant to stop but I physically couldn’t anymore. I think that last kickboxing session put me out of commission. Now I am thinking of when I will be back. My son is already missing his activities and I am missing my classes.
    For exercise I do aerobics. I love step. I also like pilates but haven’t found a good class. Otherwise when I just go to the gym I do the elliptical and weights.
    Try to see if you can find someone to go to the gym with. It’s so much easier and then you encourange each other. It’s a win-win situation really.

  2. Staying motivated usually happens when I see results (either in how I look or how I feel). I was doing really well int the late spring early summer (before it got hot) and then somewhat earlier this fall. I went out walking today (it was beautiful… 54 degrees with some sun and only slight breeze.)

    That is what I do… I walk. And I’m not impressive either… I don’t walk fast. We figured that it is a 1/2 mile to the end of the street and back (if I add on the distance beyond my house to the other end it adds like another 1/10 of a mile). It takes me about 10 minutes to do a lap. That’s a 20 minute mile! Not anything real impressive, and to tell you the truth, I rarely get out of breath or sweaty (unless it is hot and humid… and then I probably didn’t go out). I wondered if I was doing myself any good… but in 9 months between the birth of my son and learning I was pregnant again I lost almost 30 pounds… and walking was a big part of that! Not to mention I noticed nicer shape to my hips, thighs and back side than I’ve seen in years. :) (That was my favorite part!)

    So… my advice to you… at least while you get started: find out when some TV show is on that you really want to see (personally I would pick one of those redecorating/organizing shows on TLC) and go down to that “already paying for it anyway” tredmill and walk (at a nice comfortable/not fast pace) while you watch your show! The best part about the not fast pace??? You don’t need to change into workout clothes. I rarely feel the need to shower after because I didn’t get sweaty (this is often a deterant… I feel like the whole process takes too long). Hey… it’s at least a pain free way to start! And I hear it is enough to do some good! :)

    Ok, sorry, this was a book!

  3. I hear ya! I just recently joined a local gym and its a great deal! Its a national chain that appears to be growing by leaps and bounds. Its called Snap Fitness ( and most locations are just small storefronts in strip malls. However, the equipment is top notch and its only $35 a month!!!! And, if you want unlimited tanning, its an additional $10 per month. I figure its just over a $1 per day and very close to home. Its very affordable for equipment that is just as good, if not better, than the bigger gyms around town. Plus, its key-card access and open 24/7. I love that aspect since I can only go after the kiddos are in bed and hubby is home. (which means I don’t start exercising until 8:30pm…)

    I have found that it gives me some “ME” time to unwind and work off stress. I take my MP3 player and walk on the treadmill while I watch my favorite TV shows. Its hard staying motivated to go though. That’s the only drawback.

  4. Curves offers a very fun workout that is easy to learn, and meeting people there and having them to talk to is very motivating. It is pretty expensive though. Most places charge $29-$39 a month. And the joining fees are usually $150. There are some ways to save money on this. Every March or April, Curves has a promotion that allows you to join for free if you bring in a bag of groceries for the soup kitchen. Every October they offer big discounts if you bring in proof of a mammogram. And for those of us too young to need a mammogram, some locations will offer the discount anyway, or offer it if we donate to breast cancer research. And one last way to get a great deal on a membership at Curves is to get a job there. They usually only need people three or four hours a week. So, if you could do one evening shift a week, you could get a free membership plus bring in a little extra money. I know this wouldn’t work for everyone, but I worked at a Curves for the past year before I moved, and it was so much fun, didn’t take up a lot of time, and I made such good friends!

  5. While it’s really important to set aside chunks of time to work out, it’s helpful to view fitness as a lifestyle. Though it’s harder in the winter months, don’t drive if you can walk or ride a bicycle. Walk briskly with good posture while you run your errands. Take a few minutes to do some stretches or crunches while you watch television. Try to plan “fun” activities around fitness. Instead of taking a weekend drive, why not a hike or a bike ride? Borrow a friend’s dog and take it for a walk (half the fun of owning a dog, none of the expense).

  6. I became an aerobics instructor when I was in college, then added teaching yoga. You are motivated because you HAVE to go teach your class, people respect your scheduled time because it’s like a job, you get paid for the class ($15-30 per depending on the city), AND you get a free gym membership! Win win and it’s easier to learn that you might think.

  7. Great advice! I absolutely love TLC and really miss some of those shows–so I probably would watch that channel.

    I hope I can get off my duff and get over there!

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