Nov 29 2007

A quick trip to CVS


Over Thanksgiving break, my mom (hi, Mom!) and I went to CVS together for their 3-day sales. My mom was excited to learn how to use those extra care bucks, and I was happy to teach her.

As I expected, CVS was sold out of many of the ECB deals.

I used my $4 and $5 ECB to buy body wash (it’s in the car and I forget the brand) for $3.99, which generated $3.99 in ECB, and then I bought 2 Tylenol 10-count pills for $2.49 each. Each generated $2.49 in ECB.

I paid nothing out of pocket, and I guess you could say I lost three pennies in extra care bucks (I had $9, but ‘spent’ $8.97). I’m not worried about that at all. I have $8.97 in ECB to use next time.

My mom had a bunch of $4 off $20 coupons that she saved from the bottom of her receipts. She bought the body wash, Excedrin (and used my $2 off coupon), Benadryl, Q-tips, toothpaste, and maybe another thing or two.

She had no ECB to start out with. Her total price before coupons was about $23. She used her $4 off $20 coupon and also used $4 in manufacturer’s coupons, bringing her out of pocket total to about $15.

She got about $12 in ECB back–which is doing pretty good! She needed all of the items she bought and now has ECB to use in the future. Go, Mom!

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3 Responses to “A quick trip to CVS”

  1. next time you could print also internet coupons and save even more!!

  2. Where do you find the ECB deals that you talk about? I’ve only been able find deals where you get few ECBs than you actually spend (e.g. spend $20 on Revlon products and get $10 in ECBs) How do you get the same amount back in ECBs as you spend?

  3. Hi Nicole-

    Usually each month, there are a few free after ECB deals. For this particular purchase, it was a 3-day special during Black Friday.

    The December ECB booklet will be out soon, so hopefully they’ll have some free after ECB deals.

    But most deals are “buy this at $4, get $1 ECB” or something like that.

    To make the deals better, I usually try to use manufacturer’s coupons and combine them with like a $2 off $10 or something store coupon.

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