Nov 29 2007

Submit a tip!


Submit your own frugal tip to share with others!

I will moderate all submitted tips, and I reserve the right to delete or not publish it if it does not meet my guidelines.

Your tip should be…

-short in length. Be concise!
-on the topic of frugality, including a tip on how to save time, money, effort, sanity, and others.

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  1. Hi Ladies
    It is tax time again & I wanted to let everyone know that if you household income is under 54,000, then you can go to, click on individual, & you can file for free. Remember federal tax is the same all over, only states are different. You must do fed. 1st & then state. Also if you have your refund directly deposited into your bank account, you can get it really quick & it cost less than if you apply for a RAL (refund anticipation loan).
    I manage a Liberty Tax Service office, so if I can answer any ?, let me know.

    Debbie C

  2. Thanks for your tip, Debbie! I added your comment as a post, so that it will show up in the sidebar.

    It was a little unclear, but the form for submitting a tip is at “”. Thanks again!

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