Nov 20 2007

If you’re heading attah tahn…


If you’re heading out of town (“attah tahn” in Pittsburghese) for the Thanksgiving holiday and will be gone for more than a day, don’t forget to lower your thermostat.

I’m going to set ours to 55 degrees. It seems that popular knowledge states that if you go too much lower, you could risk your pipes freezing.

The 10-day forecast here doesn’t look to be too cold, and I doubt the heat will kick on anyway.

Still, I can tell you this much–I am not paying to heat my apartment in Pittsburgh when I am 400 miles away in Indiana.

And, in case you’re wondering–the heat hasn’t yet kicked on here. In the last 28 unbilled days, we have used 477.96 kilowatt hours.

To save even more electricity, unplug everything but your freezer/refrigerator.

Do more than simply turn off appliances–unplug them, otherwise you’ll have the “vampire” effect: Things that are off still use a tiny bit of power.

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One Response to “If you’re heading attah tahn…”

  1. Awesome–you’re not only smart and super-money-savy, but you are a hoosier [or maybe a Boilermaker??]

    Have a safe trip!

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