Nov 19 2007

Weather-proofing my windows


A kind reader e-mailed me, wanting to know if I had weather proofed my windows yet.

I have, but I completely forgot to blog about it! The last time I wrote about weather-proofing, I showed how I sealed my electrical outlets.

I used a foamy tape sort of thing (it came in a roll. one side was sticky, the other was about a centimeter thick of just foam) and I stuck that in all of the gaps, lining the seal around all of the windows. I covered that in blue painter’s tape to help it stay on, and for an additional layer. That was really easy. Already, I felt less of a breeze pouring in.

Then, I covered the windows with that clear plastic stuff. You put double-sided tape around the window, attach the plastic, and set it with a hair dryer. That was easy, but I found that I needed my husband to help hold the plastic in place. It makes a really tight seal. I can still see out the windows just fine.

Finally, I rolled beach towels the long way and put them at the base of my window sill. I don’t know if this catches any extra drafts, or if it does anything at all, but I like to think that it does.

My windows are not drafty at all. They were before I did all of this sealing. My heat hasn’t kicked on yet this season. Sure, it’s chilly in here now (the thermometer reads 63) and I’m guessing it will turn on some time soon, if it drops below 62 in here during the daytime.

If you haven’t taken measures to weatherproof your home yet, it’s not too late! Winter is going to be here for awhile.

Finally, here’s a few tips you can do without buying anything.

What have you done to weatherproof your home? 

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