Nov 19 2007

“Adventures in Thrift”: A bookclub


Hadias over at Proverb’s Wife is hosting an online book club. It’s really neat, and it’s not too late to join in on the fun!

The book we’re reading is called “Adventures in Thrift” by Anna Steese Richardson. It was published in 1915. Whoa. It’s available for free online here. I bet ol Anna never fathomed that her book would be on a thing called the Internet.

You’ll find that this is a quick and enjoyable read. I’ve only read the first three chapters, but here’s what I know so far:

The main character, Mrs. Larry, realizes that she isn’t being frugal with her husband’s money. She doesn’t mean to be wasteful–she just doesn’t know how to be thrifty.

Mrs. Larry and a few of her friends are starting to learn how to maneuver the markets in New York City.

I can relate to the characters when they realize how much they don’t know about shopping. They don’t know which cuts of meat are cheaper but just as good of quality, for example. They don’t know how to take full advantage of farmers’ markets.

But, they’re learning. With each shopping trip, they’re learning how to work the system. And, they’re having fun.

Sounds a lot like what I’m trying to do.

I’m fascinated that this book is more than 90 years old. The main character could be my great-great grandmother. Though published during the beginning of World War I, the characters don’t seem concerned with this fact.

Had the book been set/published during the Great Depression, I think we’d be reading an entirely different story.

It has interesting historical elements (the writer can’t avoid this) and the story is laced with themes of romance and home life.

I bet the author would be happy to know that almost a century after her book was published, there’s still a buzz over adventures in thrift. If the author had a blog, I bet we’d all read it!

You don’t have to take my word for it. [Reading Rainbow reference, oh yeah!]

Click on over and read the book for yourself, and then join in on the discussion at Hadias’ book club.

We’ll be starting discussion on chapters 4-6 this week, but it’s absolutely not to late to join.

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  1. I love your summary of the book. Thank you for the link love :o) I enjoyed reading your comments and I also responded to one of them. The one regarding the sacraficing of time in the pursuit to save money. Thank you Kacie for your participation.

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