Nov 17 2007

Light-up night!


We just got back from downtown Pittsburgh, where it was “Light-up Night.” They light up the big Christmas tree, open the outdoor rink for ice skating, have musicians perform, and generally carry on.

My husband works downtown, so he just stayed put. I took the bus (first time doing that in Pittsburgh!) and met him. My bus ride was supposed to take about 25 minutes. Not tonight–it took one hour. We were stuck in traffic in one spot for about 15 minutes. Ug. I’m glad I didn’t try to drive there.

Because I was late, we didn’t get to see them turn on the tree. Oh well, it looked festive by the time we got there!

We ate in a food court and listened to dueling pianos. Fun times.

One sort of bizarre thing was the fireworks show. All of a sudden, Santa started shooting rockets off, and then it went into an all-out fireworks display. It was pretty, but it makes it feel more like Christmas in July. Heh.

Pictured is the large outdoor Christmas tree, which is surrounded by an ice skating rink. See? People are already skating!

During the warm months, there are really neat fountains where the skating rink is.

The last picture is an indoor exhibit in the PPG building called the “Wintergarden.” There were tons of ginger bread houses, trees, and giant Santa artwork creations.

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6 Responses to “Light-up night!”

  1. I have a lot of relatives in Pittsburgh, and a few years ago I spent Thanksgiving with them. We went out and toured the city the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I enjoyed seeing all the Christmas decor! My favorite was the PPG building. They had an exhibit on Santa Clauses around the world which was pretty interesting. I also really liked the gingerbread houses. :-) Oh, and someone was getting married that day and were taking all their pictures using the decorations as their backdrop! I thought that was pretty cool.

  2. Kacie the pictures are beautiful. They remind me of back home. (New York City) Thanks for sharing. And your evening with your hubby sounds so romantic.

  3. Wow! This is so beautiful! You are lucky to have this in your town :)

  4. Pittsburghers are crazy about their fireworks. They’re set off for every occasion possible. You’ll see…..Judy

  5. Beautiful pictures Kacie. It looks so good, I wish I could be there – with the kids, of course. They’d love it.

  6. Wow, it all looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

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