Nov 15 2007

A week off from drugstores


I decided not to go to the drugstores this week. I had a few reasons, but the main one: I don’t need anything.

I have a rather large stock of toiletries already, stuff that I’ve collected for all of October and the first part of this month. I think I could stop CVS-ing for several months and be fine–I just have that much stuff.

I’m not going to give up CVS, though, because I’m just getting started and I’m still learning how it works. I can continue to build up my stash, and be more aggressive about donating the items I don’t need. I’m just amazed at how fast I accumulated all of those toothpastes, shampoo bottles, etc.

I decided not to go to Walgreen’s this week because I still haven’t received my rebate gift card in the mail. I’m expecting more than $20 from them, and I don’t plan to spend an additional penny out of pocket with them for quite a long time.

Rite Aid didn’t have fantastic deals like they did at the beginning of the month. So I skipped out.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that it’s important to make “doing the drugstores” work for you. Don’t go because you feel obligated to get more stuff. Go because you need to, or the deals are out of this world, and go because you want to.

I’ll likely go to the drugstores next week. I know some of you come by my blog to see some great deals. I’ll try not to let ya down!

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7 Responses to “A week off from drugstores”

  1. I agree, I have been skipping out on Walgreens because it just was’nt easy, and the deals didn’t seem to be to great, I figure I can wait a week for cvs to pick up the same deal. Good post!

  2. I haven’t started “doing the drugstores” yet, but I’m very inspired by your success and the success of the other bloggers where I’ve read about it. My idea about the too much stuff problem was to take it all to shelters. It seems to me, this could be a very enjoyable hobby that was also a large ministry for me. I’d be able to give much more than I could monetarily, I’d be doing the legwork for the shelters, and I’ll bet most all of it could be used by one organizaion or another. The children’s items and medicines would probably be much appreciated in women’s and family shelters, and all the hygiene products can be put to good use at any homeless shelter. I was feeling called to start this when I can mainly as a way to give more to those who need it.
    Thanks for your informative blog!

  3. I love CVS. Walgreens is a bit more complicated… I don’t mess with the rebates there… I just don’t have the time.

    I will, however, go to either one when I can get items for FREE. I can always donate them to the area Domestic Violence Shelter. I’ve been able to donate literally $3000+ worth of times this year to the shelter and paid only… $50 total.

    I picked up (6) of the Ultra One Touch Diabetic Monitors this week… 2 each from 3 different stores… didn’t want to be greedy at any of them so there would be some for other folks. I will donate these to the shelter next week.

    Keep up the good work bloggin’ sister!

  4. I too have oodles of stuff stockpiled from CVS/Walgreens. I plan to use some of the items for fillers in gift baskets this year. I almost skipped CVS this week too, but got the ameal BP deal because I found a store that had them and I had some ECB’s that were going to expire. That’s one good thing about the Walgreens giftcard, it doesn’t expire!

  5. I have slowed down too. It’s amazing how fast that stuff piles up. I’m fast to give it out. Just a few weeks ago I brought a bag of stuff to each one of my sister in laws. I also have away some toothpaste to a guy from our church the other day.
    There are plenty of people out in the world who need that stuff but can’t afford it, so look around I’m sure you’ll find someplace to give your stuff to! :)

  6. I agree with you completely. Why start collecting things that are not needed just because you can? My plan is to use the CVS shopping to build up extra money to spend throughout the month to pick up our weekly milk or a package of diapers for free and rolling it over into items that we need or that will get a good return.
    Being frugal doesn’t always mean that one keeps life simple and clutter free. I want both.

  7. Verrry interesting post. I wondered what you did with all that stuff! I’m a very frugal shopper, but it’s hard to make the sales match up to my needs. For example, I need toilet paper in the next week or so. I save gas by going shopping once a week (and I have a toddler too, so I minimize errands). If there’s none on sale at Rite-aid (2 blocks away walking) or my local grocery store, I’ll just buy what I need. We have a small house, so I keep things simple by not being oversupplied.

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