Nov 11 2007

"What do you do?"


You might have noticed that I’ve been in a little bit of a blogging rut lately. Just completely uninspired. Well, I’m trying to get out of that. Sometimes the best way to combat writer’s block is to just start writing. Here goes:

“What in the world do you do these days?” inquiring minds want to know. Just a few short months ago, I was a 21-year-old senior at a large university. I was a working journalist, engaged, and planning a wedding. I worked long hours, ate way too much fast food and drank 44-ounce sodas without ice. Oh, and I had more credit card debt than I’d like to disclose.

A lot has happened since then. My then-finance and I graduated from college, a few weeks later we got married, packed up all of our belongings, a moving truck came and got all of our things, we went on our honeymoon (a cruise to Alaska!), came back to Indiana for a quick goodbye and hopped a plane to Pittsburgh, starting work at my internship (and his job) the next day.

These days, my life is on a much slower pace. I have pretty much no stress: No deadlines to meet except for the self-imposed ones, no caffeine or fast food, no late nights in a newsroom, no life events to plan. Oh, and no credit card debt.

Life is pretty good! I absolutely loved my college experience, but as more time passes, the more I appreciate the memories and where I am right now.

So that’s the back story. Now, to answer the question: What do I do?

When I fill out forms or answer surveys, if the option is there, I check “homemaker” for my employment. If it’s not there, I check “self-employed.”

Primarily, I make our home. I do the shopping, cleaning, organizing, run errands, and whatever else I can think of. To make money, I do freelance writing. It’s pretty simple, and I love it.

When I meet someone new, I still have a difficult time saying I am a homemaker. I feel like hardly anyone around here is one (though I know that’s not true). Sometimes, I answer “nothing.” Can you believe that? That’s ridiculous. Other times, I tell them I am a freelance writer.

I’m hoping to become more confident in myself to tell people what I do.

Coming up next: A post on a typical week in Kacie-land.

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8 Responses to “"What do you do?"”

  1. When my first husband and I moved to Lancaster, PA, I was fresh out of college and looking for a job. Those were three tough months, new area, new to everybody and everything and no job at all. You do have your freelance job to keep you busy, I was going mad. The apartment was spotless though.
    Right now I am off work again and it was hard at the beginning. Again new place to get used to, new people and no job except taking care of a one year old, back then. Once I got into the swing of things and signed us up to do something every morning either for me or him it’s so much better. However, even now I am still looking at job ads. Actually right now I am considering sending my resume to be an online tutor. We’ll see how that works out. I am due in 4 weeks so I don’t want to start until next semester.

  2. Haha! I didn’t mean to say first husband, I meant to say when my husband and I FIRST moved to Lancaster, jeez!!

  3. I have the same trouble when people ask me what I will be doing in the winter. (I work seasonly at a golf course) Saying ‘nothing’ just doesn’t sound right! But believe me, I tend to stay very busy!

  4. I actually find joy in telling people I am a homemaker. It’s going to sound funny, but since my husband and I started our photography business, I’m actually sad to have to answer photographer when people ask (but I do because it is better for business to spread the word). If there is time to explain (i.e. I’m not checking other and scribbling it in on a form) I explain that I am a SAHM and run a photography business in my spare time. :)

    I love the freelance writer part! I would totally play that one up if you still feel weird! I would love to be a freelance writer. What did you go to school for? What sort of things do you write? Have you been published anywhere yet (not that you have to have in order to be a freelance writer… I’m still impressed regardless!) :)

  5. It’s a hard question sometimes. I’m not a mom yet so I don’t feel I could really be a homemaker (plus I’m currently working a full-time job which I’m moving out of, but even with the newer stuff). Freelance is a good way to go, it’s so flexible.

  6. P.S. I mean, as an answer. As a career too. :)

  7. Homemaker05-

    In school, I majored in communications and earned a political science minor and journalism certificate.

    Previously, I worked at newspapers. I wasn’t a freelancer–I was a newspaper reporter (anything from features to hard news to news obituaries) and served in various editor positions, and have been published in three newspapers. Fun jobs for sure, but the absolute funnest job was being editor-in-chief of my college newspaper for a semester.

    The staff was (and is) amazing and I loved it.

    Now, my writing is for a real estate company. It’s definitely not journalism, but it IS easy money.

    I’m hoping to do pieces for magazines someday, and potentially newspapers as well.

  8. I feel weird saying I’m a homemaker too.. considering I’m not yet married to my fiance (and we live together), so when asked what I do, I tend to say “Nothing” as well.

    But that is all I do.

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