Nov 11 2007

A typical week in my life


I have been a homemaker/freelance writer since the beginning of September. At first, it was a challenge to figure out what to do. If you take a person who has been in public schools for 17 years of her life, held steady employment for about five years, and then *poof* get rid of a schedule…yeah, it takes some time to get used to.

I do well with structure. I prefer having a little bit of wiggle room within the structure, but overall, I need it.

Here’s what my weeks have been looking like lately:


-Clean bathroom and half-bath. This takes maybe 15 minutes, tops. I clean each sink, wipe down the mirror if it needs it with Windex and newspaper (cleans it without leaving lint…and this has been a popular tip people have left on my blog, btw!), scrub the toilets, empty the trash, clean the tub, and sweep the floors if needed. I check the stock of toilet paper and refill.

-I vacuum the apartment. Not a big deal, takes no time, and I’m always amazed at how much dirt comes up.

-I pick up whatever messes were left over the weekend.

-I work on my freelance writing for a few hours, more if I have time.


-I like to run errands on Tuesdays. Maybe I need to return library books, swing by the post office, or visit the drug stores. I like to do all of my errands in one trip, to save on gas and save time.

-Freelance work


-If it’s Wednesday, then it’s laundry day. At first, I chose Wednesdays because the laundromat has a $0.25 off a wash deal. I only go to the laundromat when I have four or more loads to wash. I’ll use the dryers when I’m there to dry jeans, towels and sheets/blankets. At home, I don’t have a clothesline or anything I could use to hang up a bunch of sheets.

-When I don’t go to the laundromat, I wash two-three loads in the apartment basement machines. If I need to wash a load of jeans, I’ll dry those in the dryer. If I just let them air-dry, they take forever and start to smell. Everything else, I hang on my drying rack, or put on hangers and hang on my shower curtain rod and door knobs. I like still doing the wash on Wednesdays, because it seems nobody else in my building does it on that day. I never have to wait for a machine.

-Sometimes, I start thinking of my menu plan and grocery list.

-Freelance work


-Come up with my menu plan and grocery list

-Go grocery shopping! Depending on the sales and what I need, I visit Aldi, Shop ‘n Save, Giant Eagle, and Kuhn’s.

-Minimal freelance work


-I try to finish up tasks on Fridays. This includes cleaning up the kitchen, living room, bedroom, whatever. And, if I haven’t already put away the dried laundry, I do it now.

-Vacuum the apartment

-Freelance writing

The weekend:

My overall purpose in doing bits of housework all week is to free up Saturdays and Sundays. My husband has these days off, and it wouldn’t be very fun for either of us if I spent the weekends cleaning, grocery shopping, and doing the laundry.

Instead, we like to relax and spend time together.

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2 Responses to “A typical week in my life”

  1. I try to do the same thing: try to get everything done during the week so that we could enjoy our weekends together as a family. There’s still things to do, either my husband has stuff to do around the house or whatever, but for the most part most of the chores I do with my toddler hanging around by my side during the week.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic schedule to me. I posted tonight about the ingredients of my MYO full-time job. Unfortunately, I don’t have the cushion of a fully-employed husband, which I’m hoping will leave me more time to do more around the house. As it is, we share the responsibilities for cleaning and stuff which works out so far. :)

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