Nov 09 2007

Alarm! And panic! But it’s all OK


I just received my Rite Aid Single Check Rebate in the mail today. It didn’t come in an envelope; rather, it came as a postcard. I don’t think I like that. Seems like it would be easier to lose.

At the top of the check, it says: “Use your check toward any purchase at a Rite Aid, Brooks, or Eckerd location!”

When I saw that, I was concerned. Is this a gift card? Or can I cash it at my bank? Ahhh!

I called the customer service line (1-800-RITE-AID) and spoke with Felisha, who told me that I can deposit it at my bank, or I could use it as a store gift card. Whew.

I’m going to deposit it.

I didn’t ask Felisha, but it seems that you would have to use up the entire rebate amount in one transaction at the store. I don’t see how they could deduct, say, $10 from a $20 rebate check. Further, it says “Not good over $52.19.” Does that mean I have to spend that amount or less for it to work? I have no idea.

Anyway, the check arrived quickly.

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4 Responses to “Alarm! And panic! But it’s all OK”

  1. Thanks for the warning Kacie! Likelihood is that I would have freaked out too. :) More because I didn’t know what to do and hate to look stupid! :) Can someone say “fear of man issues”? I’m working on that one. :)

  2. I would recommend just putting it in your bank, it’s much easier that way.

    They can technically convert it to a store gift card at the store, but sometimes it’s not an easy process if you know what I mean. ;o)

    The “Not good over $52.19” is just the typical business wording on checks. It’s just a catchsafe that they have the amount in a second location — makes it harder to alter the amount the check is made out for.

    Oh, and nice rebate check!! =o)

  3. When I got my first rebate check I was shocked to see that it had no envelope. That’s the first time I ahd ever gotten a check without an envelope. My husband thought it was fake and aske me several times if I was sure the bank would cash it. They did. Good for you Kacie.

  4. I don’t like RiteAid as much as CVS & Walgreens. I tried getting the free after rebate extension cord, but it rang up at $14 instead of $4. The manager insisted the ad must be wrong, even though he agreed it was the same item as pictured and both the weekly and monthly ad said it would be free after a $4 rebate. Maybe he was just not very knowledgeable, but it really turned me off RiteAid. Has anyone else gotten this month’s extension cord, power strip or surge protector?

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