Nov 08 2007



Our heater has yet to come on, and that has me very excited. It’s been pretty cold out, with temperatures dipping into the 20s on some nights. I think the apartment below me must have their heat cranked up, and our apt. is just absorbing all of that warmth. Tee hee.

Anyway, mornings are still pretty chilly in our bedroom.

I hate putting on freezing cold clothes.

Lately, I’ve been picking out an outfit and putting it near my bed. When I wake up, I grab the clothes and put them under the covers with me. My body heat quickly warms the clothes so that they don’t freeze me when I put them on.

So ah…how many days until spring?

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10 Responses to “Brr!”

  1. Did you mention where you had set your thermostat? I remember the analysis but not what you had gone with…

    The Husband actually wanted to turn on the heater last night and I stopped him. I plugged in the heated pet bed for the dog (the cats snuggle with us anyway) and threw another blanket on the bed. I’m not sure what the coldest it gets inside is for sure, but when I get up for work it’s around 59-61 degrees. I’m hoping for another two weeks before we have to turn on the heater at all!

  2. I was wondering how your challenge was going. You will probably benefit from living upstairs as hot air travels upwards. But when we lived in an apartment, it was kept warm thanks to being surrounded by other apartments. I would alsh hate putting on cold clothes. How do you do with showers? The heater in our bathroom never seems to get hot enough.

  3. The thermostat is set to 62 during the day, 61 during the evening and 57 at night. So far, it hasn’t dropped below 65 inside, though.

    It can feel a little chilly, but it’s not as bad as I thought. I wonder what 62 will feel like, though.

    If it isn’t that bad, then I’ll set it lower.

    Showers are great–our hot water tank works fast and well. I try to take showers that last 10 minutes or less, and I usually get warmed up really well from them.

    I don’t use the exhaust fan, to keep the heat in. I closed the heat vent, too, in case it ever comes on.

    It’s usually plenty warm in there when the shower is running.

  4. LOL
    its only still in the 80’s here!

  5. Wow, you really must be getting some heat from the apartment below you! That’s great!! I say that because at our 59-61 degrees, it’s only getting down to the upper 40s/lower 50s at night here. I can’t imagine how cold we’d be if the temps dropped down into the 20s like they do for you!!

    Oh, and I don’t think that 60 is too bad, and I’m usually horrible about being cold. I just wear more to bed, and when we’re sitting watching a movie we curl up in blankets, etc.

  6. 20 degrees??? Girl, you gotta move to California because it’s still nice and sunny here. But then again, we don’t have an Aldi. Maybe I should be the one moving to Pittsburgh instead!

  7. I think you may be getting just slightly ahead of yourself wishing for spring :) It’s only 28 here right now! Too Cold! Brrr….

  8. Once you get used to lower temperatures you will think 62 is comfortable. Although below that I have found it to be too cold! However if you can keep your floors warm, then you will manage to stay warm. Cold floors make me cold! So we have a coal stove in the basement we run to warm them up!

  9. Oh lordy, it’s in the 40s and 50s and I’m about to freeze my buns off! Kudos to you for your discipline!

  10. I’ve lowered my thermostat from 78 degrees to 74 degrees and my husband swears that we are livng in an igloo.

    I told him that it’s really not cold and that he sould give it a few weeks to allow his body to adjust.

    When I told him that he will see a savings on the heating bill, he responded “It doesn’t matter how much we save if I’m to sick to go to work and make the money to pay it.”

    Go figure.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Kacie.

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