Nov 08 2007

An update on a few things


I have been a member of PaperBackSwap for less than 24 hours. I posted about 21 books that I was willing to part with, and people have already requested FIVE books. Whoa! That’s way faster than I ever did on Amazon.

I won’t get those five credits until the recipients receive the books and mark them as received on the site. Can’t wait for that to happen!

I wanted to share some packaging ideas if you decide to mail your books. I think recipients will be a-ok with these methods, especially since they are getting free books.

I had two large books that I didn’t want to just wrap in paper. So, I used cereal boxes. I carefully separated the box at the side seam and flipped it around, exposing the gray inside.

I put the book inside, threw in a bit of crumpled newspaper, and taped it up.

For another book that was still too large to simply wrap in printer paper (as the web site suggests), I wrapped it in newspaper first, as if I were wrapping a present (I don’t wrap presents in newspaper, but you know what i mean right?). This way, I could cover the exterior with plain paper without having to put tape on the actual book.

I plan to use whatever packaging material I already have on hand, since I’m the one paying to ship the item.

If you’re planning to sign up for PaperBackSwap, won’t you please use me as your referral? I’ll get a credit for a book! Just enter “sensetosave” as your referral, or click here

Another thing worth updating: Cash Crate. I’m up to $49.22, with $5.80 pending confirmation. Earning this was fairly simple, but it was time-consuming. I did several surveys, and clicked through a bunch of “would you like these offers? check yes or no.” Ugh.

Since I’ve already reached the $10 payment threshold, I think I will do a few more surveys during this pay period. But once that ends and my check is on its way, I’ll probably stop.

I received a call from a telemarketer today. I don’t know if it had anything to do with these surveys. Here’s how it went down:

“Hi! I’m calling for Kacie, please.”

“This is Kacie.”

“Great! Kacie! This is January, and I’m calling you long-distance from Florida. How are you?”

“Your name is January?”
I think to myself.

“I’m fine….how are you?”

“Great! How is the weather there? Is it cold?”

“Yes, we actually had flurries today.”

“Great! It’s cold here, too. I had to wear my bomber jacket today.”


“So listen, I wanted to tell you about this great opportunity. You have been selected to enter our great lottery…”

“Oh, no thanks, I’m not interested–“


Before I could say the “-ed” in interested, the line was disconnected. Sheesh.

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7 Responses to “An update on a few things”

  1. It probably was from entering your phone number when doing surveys and offers. (Assuming CashCrate is like the ones I’m on) You’ll get lots of spam email and phone calls. I signed up for a free Grand Central phone number which forwards to me home phone, but we rarely have the phone plugged in so it takes voicemail and I can choose to block the junk calls.

  2. I’ll be interested to see how long it takes you to get your money. I signed up with it a while ago, did enough to earn $10.90- then requested my check be sent.
    It still says processing. That was almost a month ago. and it says it’s only for $10.
    Has anyone had success with this company?

  3. Hi Kacie. I joined CashCrate a month ago. Fortunately, I used an email address I created specifically for that purpose. My account has been absolutely FLOODED with junk mail and solicitations. Very few (if any) are from CashCrate themselves, but from sponsors and off-site surveys. I also have gotten quite a lot of telemarketers since signing up. They have tapered off, since I’ve not been doing the surveys anymore. One last warning: when I got my home phone bill, there was a 3rd party billing on it from YBS (Your Billing Solution) for $8.33. It corresponded with the time that I was doing the surveys, but I absolutely positively know for a fact that I didn’t sign up for Unlimited Long Distance calling. My husband called the customer service # and the man immediately said “Did you want to cancel your service?” DH said yes and it was cancelled without any argument. Maybe I’m too cynical, but I suspect it was someone using our phone number to get money from us, because why else would they so voluntarily OFFER to cancel our service?? Afraid of getting caught, perhaps? But really, anyone that doesn’t closely examine their phone bills would have just paid that money. I’m sure that company made a lot of money from the people that didn’t notice it.

    My point: I’ve learned my lesson. Nothing is free. It may not cost you money, but it will definitely cost you in time, and junk mail, and junk phone calls. However, the free samples and valuable coupons in my snail mailbox are nice! :-)

  4. Regarding wrapping books for PBS. I would recommend you wrap them first in saran wrap. this is a fairly common practice on PBS because some people have trouble with their mail carriers leaving their packages outside in bad weather. I do it as a precaution. Also, if you are using newspaper to wrap books, saran wrap will protect the newsprint from coming off on the book and making it unpostable for the next person. There are lots more tips in the Help section of the PBS website as well as in the forums. Also, check out the Book Bazaar – people frequently post offers for 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 books(or even more).

  5. I love paperback swap! I really wanted Mary Hunts Debt Free Christmas and I just received it the other day – FREE. O.k., not completely free since I had to pay postage on a book I sent out – but what a great way to recycle/reuse these books!

  6. Wow you lasted longer than I would have on the phone with a telemarketer. I would have been the one hanging up on them as soon as the call started. I guess I’m just mean like that, but I hate being bothered.

    I now have my phone number on the Do Not Call registry and haven’t gotten a telemarketing call in ages.

  7. Just wanted to add one more thing… I noticed that nicole suggested using saran wrap to protect the books from water damage. I’ve never participated in PBS, so I don’t have too much experience with shipping books. But I was thinking that if you have extra plastic bags laying around, these would work just as well… and would be cheaper than having to buy saran wrap. The bags could even be cut and fitted tightly around the book and taped securely. Just thought this might be worth trying!

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