Nov 07 2007

Have you used PaperBackSwap?


Ever since I was a teeny tiny baby, I loved books. My parents would read to me until they absolutely had to stop reading and do something else.

I learned to read at a young age, and spent my summers participating in library summer reading clubs. During the school year, it was BookIt. Yeah…you guys know what I’m talking about. Good stuff!

Here’s a reading club that doesn’t exactly reward you with prizes for reading, but you do get something cool: Books that you want, and you can get rid of ones you don’t.

This isn’t the kind of book club where you have to order 5 books at a huge price within two years. Nope. This is different.

You list at least ten books that you already own that you’re willing to get rid of (you will pay a few dollars in postage). PaperBackSwap will give you two credits for doing so, and you can get any book that another member has at their cost. They will pay postage.

Then, they will get one credit for sending you a book. They can use that one credit to get the book of their choice from someone else.


I listed about 20 books I have no reason to keep, and already someone wants one of them. Once I mail that (this seems pretty easy, too. You print off mailing info with your computer and just tape it over the book. I hope the postal workers are nice to these packages….)

…So, once I mail it, I’ll get an additional credit. That puts me at three credits, which equals three books.

I can get them for myself or perhaps give them as gifts. Whatever I wanna do.

I love this whole recycling concept. I can’t believe I’m just getting started with it now. Was this around when I was in college? If it was, there’s a chance I could have gotten a lot of free books.

If you’d like to know more about the PaperBackSwap program, and even sign up yourself, why don’t you use my referral link? If I referred you, it’s the nice thing to do. :) I’ll get one book credit once you sign up.

Thanks to KittyKait for blogging about this cool site and referring me to it!

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4 Responses to “Have you used PaperBackSwap?”

  1. BookIt!!! I thought BookIt was funny because it was supposed to encourage kids to read. But the goal they set was something like 10 books for the summer. I think I read 10 books each week during the summer. It was nice to get free pizza as a “reward” for doing something I loved anyway.

    The book swap sounds intriguing. I might have to check it out, but we have the BEST used bookstore here that gives generous store credit when you take books in. Every couple of months we take books that won’t sell on, and its like Christmas!

    Here’s something else based on a similar idea, with a wider selection of stuff: You get 15 points for signing up. When I joined in the spring, most of the stuff was junk, but I did find some things to spend my 15 pts on (mostly craft supplies). I haven’t been back on since I used up my 15 points, but it was fun to get some free things!

  2. I love PBS. Right now I have a stack of great To Be Read books from there that cost me practically nothing (just around $2 per book for each book I sent out to other people).

    It also has a CD swap (which I haven’t used yet) and a DVD swap (which is pretty new). If you’re really thrifty and you have CDs you don’t need or want, you can post those and earn credits for sending them out (about 99 cents) and use those credits to get books. That’s even cheaper than the $2 or so that it costs to send a book out!

  3. Sounds like a good idea, but Baltimore has an even better one (I think). It’s called the Baltimore Book Thing ( and you take your unwanted books there and pick up as many books as you want. It’s not a one to one exchange. We’ve gotten lots of stuff there, including some neat cookbooks, travel books, history, mythology, etc.

  4. This sounds really great! I’m always running out of books to read, this would be a great way to always have some around! Thanks for sharing :)

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