Nov 06 2007

This newspaper knows that frugal people are pretty cool


Some frugal families make the news in Charleston.

Frugal families squeeze more fun from their dollars

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6 Responses to “This newspaper knows that frugal people are pretty cool”

  1. Once a year I’ll purchase a pumpkin spice latte from Star*bucks. It still hurt to run my debit card through for $3.80 for a drink! I can’t imagine doing that all the time. Judy

  2. I agree with your definition of frugal people! I’ve changed my line from “I can’t afford that” to what I REALLY mean: “I’m not going to spend my money on that” or “I’m saving my money.”

  3. Funny. :-D

    I just put you in my frugal blog roll. Love the site and good work.

  4. Yeah I think the second sentence should have read “Even frugal folks are willing to occasionally splurge”.

  5. Amen! I totally agree with your statement! That is definitely what sets the frugal folks apart…

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