Nov 06 2007

Moving on over


This blog has really grown. So much, that I’ve decided I should move on over to my own domain name. I’ll be able to continue blogging, but offer much more to my lovely readers.

I’ve already purchased the domain and host, and now I’m working on migrating on over.

If you’ve made the move and have any tips or advice to offer, I’m all ears.

In the meantime, I’ll be blogging over here just as often as I’m inspired (usually several times daily).

When we get my new site all purtied up and ready to go, I’ll send ya over.

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5 Responses to “Moving on over”

  1. I found the deal on . I have instant deal alerts for Victoria’s Secret because they do this a lot.
    Moving over to your own domain is not easy, blogspot has it so easy for us, but it is doable! I think it’s smart to get the new site up first before you move. I did it the hard way!

  2. Congrats on the move! How exciting!

  3. Good luck! I just moved last weekend. :)

    I guess my advice would be–don’t get too stressed out about it all, take time to breathe, remember that moving a blog can be almost as hard as moving in real life.

    Oh, and make sure your feedburner is updated (when you switch).

    If you have technical problems, try the Money Blog Network forums. I posted there and Nick was very helpful! :)

  4. I moved in July! It was easy for me since I went from a wordpress hosted blog to a wordpress blog hosted on my own domain name. There was an easy import option when I moved. I’m still ironing out the comments from the old blog, since some of the commenters names didn’t import, but all the comments did. Good luck! It’s so exciting!!!!

  5. Good luck with the move!! I hope it goes on smoothly.

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