Nov 06 2007

Making money through Cash Crate


Awhile back, we discussed making money thorough online surveys. I’m not completely sold on the idea just yet, as taking surveys all day is likely not worth your time.

Yesterday, I signed up for Cash Crate. This program has a $10 threshold (meaning, you have to earn $10 before they will send you a check). So far, it seems to be pretty easy. I have earned $40 and 60 points. If I can earn 200 points, I’ll get an Amazon gift certificate for $10. But, there aren’t that many point offers right now. Not enough for me to earn 140 more points for free yet.

Don’t get excited about the $40 unless you plan to buy a domain name and web host. I was in the market for one, and decided to go with Blue Host. Cash Crate paid me $40 for this, so I will get a little bit of my money back.

However, there are other offers you can examine. Some do not require purchases (that’s good!) although the payouts are lower ($0.50-$1 on some).

If you sign up through my Cash Crate link, then I’ll get 20% of what you make (this doesn’t affect you at all) and if you get people to sign up, then you will earn 20% of what they make (and I’ll make 10%).

I think this is worth checking out, but if none of the surveys or offers interest you, don’t bother. Check again in the future to see if there are new deals.

What do you all think of Cash Crate? Have you tried it out and received a check?

Thanks to Crystal for letting me know about this site in the first place!

By the way, whenever you do those paid survey sites, you might consider using an e-mail solely for online offers and such. That way, you can avoid potential spam from coming through to your main e-mail. As I was typing this, Mrs. Jordan also pointed this out via a comment. Thank ya, ma’am!

[Update 6:57 p.m.: I’ve done a few surveys using my survey e-mail, and I’ve made an additional $5.47.]

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2 Responses to “Making money through Cash Crate”

  1. Yup I have been doing it for the last month and am expecting a check thats already been sent out the site says. So we will see. :-)
    Just remember to sign up all the things you do with a different email address besides your personal one as you DO a nice amount of junk.

  2. I haven’t joined Cash Crate, but I regularly do offers and surveys on Treasure Trooper. I’ve made almost $300 through them since March, I think. Of course, it really helps that one of my referrals referred like 100 people.. because I get a certain amount based on my referrals and their referrals. It’s kinda nice though :)

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