Nov 04 2007

My CVS shopping trip for Nov. 4


I had a pretty good time at CVS. Something weird happened to the toothpaste I bought, and I’ll have to look into that.

Still, I only spent $0.43 out of pocket.

Here’s what I bought:

  • -Charmin basic 12 big rolls $4.97-$0.25 coupon= 4.72
  • -8 bottles of Fruit 2 O. They were on sale for $1.09 and buy one get one free. I had four $1 off two coupons, so that took it from $4.36 to $0.36. I got all eight bottles for about $0.05 each. The coupons are in the back of the “Managing & Preventing Diabetes” booklet found near the pharmacy, by the way. Oh, and the coupons gave the cashier a little bit of trouble. She had to key in two of them. Dunno. I’m glad she was nice.
  • -CVS cotton swabs, 500-count. I bought two of these at $3.19 each. Each box gave a $2 ECB.
  • -Degree Clinical Protection deodorant. Regular $9.99, I used a $2 off coupon=$7.99. It generated a $5 ECB.
  • -Two tubes of Colgate Total toothpaste, 6 oz. Price was $2.99 each. I had two $1.50 coupons (again, in that diabetes booklet). I thought when I bought two of those, I would get $2 ECB. There was a sign right there that said so. But, no ECB. Does anyone know what happened? I don’t.

I used the $2 off $10 printable coupon first.

Then, I gave the cashier my manufacturer and store coupons.

Finally, I gave her my $20 ECB from that glucose monitor.

Final price: $0.43. It generated $9 ECB for next time.

If I had no coupons and no extra care bucks, I would have spent $36.04 for all of that.

What did you buy at CVS this week?

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5 Responses to “My CVS shopping trip for Nov. 4”

  1. You are so amazing with these drugstore deals! I need to start doing them!

  2. I think the $2 ECB is for the 2-packs of toothpaste. At least, in my flyer it shows the ones that are 2-packs stuck together. Maybe that is it. I was going to try that same deal later this week lol.

  3. Great job! I think it’s only the value-packs that are giving $2 ECBs – like PaidTwice said.

  4. I miss CVS. I shopped there when we lived in MI, but there are no CVS stores in the Toledo area. It’s so odd. We have Rite Aid, which I do NOT like, and Walgreens, which is ok. There are some CVS stores about an hour away. I really miss that store.

    Glad for you on all the deals you’ve found!

  5. How come you don’t like Rite Aid?

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