Nov 04 2007

I wish I could give away 342 copies…


…but, I can’t. I would love to give a copy of The Complete Tightwad Gazette to everyone, but that would cost a lot of money!

Congratulations to the randomly selected winner of my giveaway:

B said…

Oh! I do want this book so much!
My best frugal tip though … boy, I don’t have many (which is why I need the book LOL!)
Let’s see … we reuse towels after baths a few times before we wash them. I also have cloths for cleaning and wiping (and a lot of them). They fit in so nicely with those towels when we wash them and I don’t have to pay for paper towels very often that way!

Congratulations, B! I am going to e-mail you to ask for your mailing address. As you might recall, I ordered this book on Amazon last week, and it arrived yesterday. So, I’ll mail it on Monday.

For the rest of you, put this title on your “must-read” book list. If you can get it at your library (or via interlibrary loan) do it. This is a very popular book at most libraries, so you might have to put your name on a waiting list.

You are not going to find this book at Goodwill or at yard sales. If you do, I will be ultra surprised. People don’t normally donate this book, ya know what I mean?

I couldn’t find this title at my local bookstores, either.

The alternative: Buy it online. Do me a favor and buy it through this link via my Amazon affiliate. I won’t make much from it, but I can put it toward another giveaway item.

Thanks to you all for participating! The comments were phenomenal–and if you are familiar with the Tightwad Gazette, you’ll know that it’s great frugal ideas like these that compile the book.

I’ll write a post later about some of my favorite tips.

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One Response to “I wish I could give away 342 copies…”

  1. Congrats to the winner, and thank you for participating.
    It was such a pleasure to see al those wonderful sites and give-aways. And ofcourse the waiting for the lucky winner.

    I hope you’ll win something.

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