Nov 04 2007

Deals at Rite Aid for the week of Nov. 4-10


Rite Aid has a few good deals this week, but you’ll want to make sure you have coupons.

Royal instant gelatin and pudding is on sale this week for .25 each. My store had many flavors (more variety than Aldi for this price).

Select Kellogg’s cereal is $2/ box. There were some $1 off coupons in today’s paper. I got a box of Froot Loops for $1 after coupon.

Act mouthwash is on sale for $3.49. There is a $2 rebate. Also, I had a $1 off coupon, so my final cost was $0.49.

Bic Comfort 3 disposable razors are on sale for $3.50, but they are free after coupon and rebate. In today’s Smart Source (I think) there is a coupon for $1.50 off. Combine this with a $2 rebate, and it’s free.

The anti-nausea remedy, Nauzene, is $5.99. The rebate is also $5.99, so it is free after rebate.

What did you buy from Rite Aid this week?

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6 Responses to “Deals at Rite Aid for the week of Nov. 4-10”

  1. I found a Nauzene coupon in the paper today too… if I remember correctly, I’m going to make $.50 on these. :) Thanks for the tips! I’ll be going tomorrow hopefully!

  2. I’ll hopefully be going tonight, but I plan on getting the ACT mouthwash for $.49 after rebate and coupon, the BIC razors… skipping the cereal because they don’t have a Q for the kind I’d eat (Raisin Bran)… probably getting Garnier 100% Haircolour because last month there were BOGO coupons that expire this month and I’ll get the hair care rebate. Wish that Neutrogena T-Gel counted for that one, since I need a bottle for DH, but it says it exclused “therapeutic shampoos” or something like that. Ah well. If the price is decent enough with the 50% off and Q, I might also get some Tres Semme shampoo/conditioner and get a better hair care rebate.

  3. Okay, there was one other deal I wanted to mention (now that I’ve been to Rite Aid this week):

    Keri Renewal lotions are on sale for $8.99 from $15.99. There is a $5 coupon in this past weekend’s paper (not sure which insert, sorry!). So they are $3.99 plus tax and I’d never tried them, but I just got the serum and put it on my poor, dry hands, and it’s amazing! So, not free, but definitely a deal if you need a strong product for really dry skin!

  4. This was my first time doing Rite Aid free after rebate. I am not sure what I was thinking but the store had some products in stock an dthe otehrs I got a raincheck. I then went to the riteaid site and put my receipt in. I just now got an email saying that I can request check. Yesterday before I got this email I thought I could not pick up my rain check items because I already submitted the raincheck-but I didnt right? they have to approve the receitp first? Please elt me know.
    Anne ;)

  5. Anne-

    Hmm. I have no idea. Don’t click “request my check” until the end of the month, since you can only get one rebate check per month (and it won’t roll over).

    Actually, I’m pretty confused by what you’re telling me.

    You might try talking with a store manager or even calling the Rite Aid customer phone number to see what you can do.

  6. just been researching Nauzene and i think they are doing a similar offer again, perhaps worth looking out for?

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