Nov 03 2007

It’s worth paying $1.50, even $3 for this week’s coupons


I just bought my Sunday newspaper (The Post-Gazette publishes an early edition on Saturdays) and I think I’ll buy a second copy.

There are two SmartSource inserts, a Valassis insert, and the P&G insert. Lots of coupons!

Before I even bought my newspaper, I flipped through to see what coupons were in it. There were two coupons for General Mills cereal: $1 off two Chex cereals, and $1 off two General Mills cereals. I ripped them out and bought four boxes at my Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle is having a sale this week, when you buy four GM cereals at $10, you get $4 back instantly off your purchase. So that’s $6. Use those two coupons, and it’s $4. A dollar a box! What a deal.

I also bought another bag of frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts ($6).

My weekly grocery total is now at $35ish.

I’ll post some CVS deals later (don’t get excited, they’re kinda blah).

For now, we’re going to the church rummage sale and bake sale.


I don’t know if I’ll buy another newspaper or not. If I can find one at the Dollar Tree like MoneyCommonSense suggested, I might. There ARE a lot of coupons, but just a few things that I might actually buy. Definitely get one copy of the newspaper, and if you want another one, go for it.

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3 Responses to “It’s worth paying $1.50, even $3 for this week’s coupons”

  1. Now, that’s exactly the right way to buy cereal! Really, I can’t figure out why it’s so expensive.
    Whoo-hoo, sounds like I’m gonna find a coupon bonanza in tomorrow’s paper!

  2. Kacie,

    Have you checked if your dollar store carries the newspaper? My local dollar tree carries the sunday newspaper for $1. That’s where I get it now.

  3. I get my extra copies of the newspaper inserts from the recycling paper bin by a church. WITH permission from the church. When I get 10-20 copies of inserts, I can DONATE tons of stuff to the church’s pantry that is open to the community. Win-win!

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