Nov 03 2007

CVS extra care bucks for the week of November 4-10

  • Buy two bags M&M’s, Milkyway, Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers or Dove Minis at 2 for $5, get $2 ECB
  • Buy two Ice Mountain sport 6-pack for $5, get $2 ECB on two
  • Buy Hot Wheels Turbo Town Playset at $14.99, get $5 ECB
  • Buy 3-pack Brita Pitcher Filters for $14.99, get $5 ECB
  • Buy $15 of Milani Cosmetics, get $5 ECB
  • Buy Degree Clinical Protection, get $5 ECB
  • Buy Colgate toothpaste or toothbrush value pack, get $2 ECB. [Colgate total twin, advanced clean twin, wave toothbrush 2 pack, or 360 toothbrush 2 pack] Limit 3.
  • Buy Clear Care or GenTeal contact solution, get $3 ECB
  • Buy $20 of certain P&G products (Prilosec, Pepto Bismol, NyQuil, Metamucil) get $5 ECB. The ad will specify exactly which packages qualify. Be sure to read the fine print!
  • Alka Seltzer or Phillips, get $2 ECB
  • Nova Max blood glucose monitor deal is still going on. Use the $50 off coupon found in Managing & Preventing Diabetes to get it free out of pocket, and then $20 ECB back.
  • Buy $20 of Benefiber or Boost, get $5 ECB
  • Buy Sugar Free Tums 80 ct. at $4.99, get $2 ECB
  • Crest toothpaste or Oral-B toothbrush (certain kinds) prices starting at $2.99, get $1 ECB

Don’t forget to use the $2 off $10 purchase coupon here. [Thanks to Crystal for posting that on her blog].

Also, the Extra Care Buck booklet for November should be out tomorrow. Month-long deals will be in this booklet. I’ll post good deals once I find it.

I’m not all that excited about this week at CVS. I already got my free Nova Max monitor last week, and the $20 ECB.

Don’t forget, if you use an extra care buck during a purchase, if you don’t use the whole amount, you will not get a refund. So, make sure your total is $20 after coupons, otherwise you’re throwing money away.

If you are new to CVS and would like to try it this week, here’s what I would suggest:

Go to CVS and fill out the application for your free CVS discount card. You will need the cashier to scan this before all purchases.

Once you have your CVS card, go find the “Managing and Preventing Diabetes” booklet near the pharmacy. If you can’t find it, ask.

Use the $50 off Nova Max glucose monitor coupon and buy that item. No cash will leave your purse. I didn’t even have to pay tax. A $20 extra care buck will print off at the end of your receipt. Do not lose this. It’s money.

Next, go home, unless CVS is really far for you.

Register your CVS card online on Then, you will be able to print off a $4 off $20 purchase coupon. So now, with that coupon and your $20 extra care bucks, you can buy $24 in goods for free.

While you are at home, look through this week’s sales ad (grab one to take with you at the store, if you don’t have one in your paper. Or, look online).

Decide what items you need for your home, and then look at what items will produce ECB. Look through your stash of coupons to see if you have any for deals.

Go back to CVS, take a calculator with you, and buy $24 worth of stuff. If you have coupons, say a $1 off coupon, then you can buy $25 worth of stuff, for example. Make sure you reach this total, so you do not throw away money.

Buy some items that generate ECB so you have some free money to work with next week. If you do not want the item, donate it.

As soon as I figure out how I will use my $20 ECB, I will post it. What are you buying this week?

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5 Responses to “CVS extra care bucks for the week of November 4-10”

  1. you can buy Up to 5 nova max with the same card and get $20 ECB for each one!

  2. Did you know you can get up to five Nova Monitors on one card? I bought two one on my card and one on dh’s card. When I came home I reread the add and it says limit 5 per card. A friend of mine got three on her card. I went back last night, but our CVS was out of them. I’m going to try again this week.

  3. Love your blog. Where would you donate these monitors? I would never have thought to buy something like that because I don’t have diabetes. Debbie

  4. Reading all your posts on CVS Extra Care Bucks just makes me wish we had CVS here! I don’t think Long’s really does any of these. We’ll be getting a Walgreens soon, but not on our side of town. I miss CVS! (The Extra Care card is still on my keychain, though. Maybe I’ll go crazy when I’m home for Christmas.)

  5. I’ll have to check this out next time I’m in there! My dad has diabetes, so it could be quite useful to get a free one.

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