Oct 30 2007

Wooeee! Lotsa savings today


Would you drive an hour round trip for $20? I guess I would.

I went to my closest CVS (maybe 10 minutes away) to see if they had any of the “Managing and Preventing Diabetes” booklets I’ve heard about. They did! I grabbed a few, since they were well-stocked, so I could use a coupon to get a free blood glucose monitor and $20 Extra Care Bucks.

That CVS didn’t have the monitors. So, I took the free booklets and went home. I called the next closest CVS to find out if they had the monitors, and they didn’t. That phone call saved me a lot of time and gas money.

The next CVS had two, and the pharmacist said he’d hold one for me. Yay!

I did get a little lost, but overall the entire trip took an hour there and back. Eep.

But here’s what I got:

Nova Max blood glucose monitor (I will either sell this on eBay or donate it). On sale for $29.99. The coupon booklet had a $50 off coupon. The cashier keyed in $29.99 so I got it for free. No sales tax!

Then, the machine spit out $20 Extra Care Bucks. Even the cashier was impressed with this one. I should be able to turn that $20 into…well, at least $100 worth of CVS stuff, I think. Let’s see how I do :)

I had $3 ECB from a previous (and disastrous) purchase, and I used that to buy a gallon of milk for $3.61.

Earlier this afternoon, I stopped by Rite Aid to see if they had any of that Glucerna cereal. They didn’t, but I found a receipt on the ground in the parking lot. Someone bought an item that gave a $3 rebate and threw it away. Can you believe that?

I’m going to input that receipt and get the rebate myself. It’s just the same as if I found $3 on the ground, right?

Update to the Rite Aid thing: Uh…I guess this is “the receipt that wasn’t meant to be.” I lost it before I could enter it on my computer. Oops Ok nevermind, I found it! Yay for $3 bonus dollars!


I can’t believe I forgot to mention the source for this coupon idea. Shame on me! I usually include this. I’m really sorry, Thrifty Florida Mama. [She didn’t contact me about this, but I just realized that I forgot to include her]. Anyway, me knowing about this deal is all thanks to her.

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4 Responses to “Wooeee! Lotsa savings today”

  1. Kacie,

    I have visited your blog several times and really get encouraged by your enthusiasm to save money. I just wished I could stay as consistent as you are.

    Thanks for all your posts. They are really informative.

  2. DH and I are going to CVS as soon as he gets home (aka any minute) to grab some of those booklets! You may have turned around an unimpressive CVS week! Thanks for sharing. :) I’ll have to post on my blog if it all works out!

  3. Hi Pumpkin! Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Thanks,Your all posts are great.

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