Oct 30 2007

Rite Aid & Walgreens rebate deadlines


I mailed my Walgreens rebate info for October, and I want to remind everyone to submit their rebates. It must be postmarked by November 3. Put it in the mail TODAY. Why wait?

The Rite Aid rebate program for October has ended, so last week, I requested my check. It will be $52.19. Whoa! Yeah, gimme my money.

The end of the rebate period was October 27. You have until November 10 to request your check. DO NOT WAIT. Do it right now! Since you don’t have to mail in any forms, there’s really no excuse. You’ll just forget or lose your receipts.

I don’t expect to get my check for a few weeks, though. They said they’ll send it out around November 6. Arg. I guess the money needs to grow more interest in their bank account.

Reader Jes wanted to know more about the Rite Aid rebate program.

I’ve never done the Rite Aid MIR before, do you need to get a book like Walgreen’s? How exactly does that work? How fast are they at getting the rebate back to you, does it come in check form or gift card form?

October was the first month I participated, but I’ll do my best to answer your question. You don’t need a rebate book or anything to fill out. However, I like to use the weekly fliers to make sure I’m getting the exact product needed for the rebate. Sometimes (ok, a LOT at the stores I visit) the sticky sales tags on the shelf in the store do not match up with the correct product. If I’m totally sure it’s misplaced, I move the tag to the correct item.

As soon as you return from your Rite Aid trip(s), go online and enter information from your sales receipt. They use their register software to verify that you purchased those items, and then it will show the amount you will get for your rebate. At the end of the month, you click a button to request your check. Wait until the last week of the month, because you can only request one check per rebate period. You don’t want to lose out on your money!

I don’t yet know how fast to expect a refund. The web site says it usually takes 2-3 weeks from the end of the promo period. It will come in check form, so you can cash it at your bank and use it to pay your light bill, if you want.

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4 Responses to “Rite Aid & Walgreens rebate deadlines”

  1. Hey Kacie! Thanks for the reminder! I wanted to pass along some info I found out about Rite Aid today! If you have a rain check for a rebate item they’ll adjust the price to whatever the cost of the rebate would be .. so if it’s free after rebate they adjust the price to zero and you just pay the tax (if it applies in your state)! The only downside is their computers won’t let them use coupons (I think they could manually put in the coupon though, it would depend on the manager) I had rainchecks from the Aquafresh and Crest deals a couple of weeks ago and went in yesterday, curious of how it works with the rebates!

  2. Hey, Thanks for all the info. I noticed on the back of the flyer there were a lot of good things free after MIR! (especially the toothbrushes!)
    I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the good deals you get! Thanks!

  3. I love Rite Aid rebates, even more so than anyone else, since I can input them online, make sure it was the right item, and never have to pay for a stamp! Last night I got the Dream Hair and an Oral B toothbrush FAR. They didn’t have the bodywash, but I don’t think my DH would have liked it anyway. Gotta love just paying tax!

  4. Thanks for the reminder, I have mine ready to go but have not done the Rite Aid one yet.

    Did you see the Listerine/Colgate $3 rebate? I was able to do that also this month!

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