Oct 30 2007

Giveaway! CVS Nova Max $50 coupon (will generate $20 ECB)


I just got back from CVS and picked up a few “Managing and Preventing Diabetes” booklets. Inside are $50 coupons for Nova Max blood glucose monitors. This week, they are on sale for $29.99 (so they are free with coupon).

The best part? They will generate $20 ECB!

The CVS I went to didn’t have the monitors, so I will try another.

I would like to offer some of my loyal readers a coupon. I have three to give away.

I ask that if you already have used this offer, or if you can find one of these coupon books in your store, to let someone else have a chance.

I have heard that this deal will be going on next week. Who knows? It’s worth a shot!

UPDATED: All are accounted for. If I get more, I’ll let ya know!

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7 Responses to “Giveaway! CVS Nova Max $50 coupon (will generate $20 ECB)”

  1. I’d love to do that – it could be my first CVS purchase. I just did my first Rite Aid one last week. Judy chows386@comcast.net

  2. just so you know, the Nova Max will be on sale again next week – supposedly the same good deal. I am going to search a couple of CVSs tonight in hopes that I find the booklets!

  3. Ok! Judy’s got the first one, who wants the other 2?

    HRL-Thanks for letting me know. I’m glad the deal will continue. If you can’t find the booklets, let me know, and if I still have the coupons I’ll send one your way.

  4. I checked my local CVS and they didn’t have the booklet. I would love one if you still have one available. Thanks

  5. I would love one too if you have an extra one – will give to my mom.


  6. OK, CDMOM and Cathie, you can have a coupon. Email me your postal address at sensetosave AT gmail.com

  7. I have been to quite a few CVSs and no success with the booklet. Its probably too late, but …
    my email is colobleu@yahoo.com as I can not access blogs at work. Thanks.
    PS I willsend you my pizza dough recipe, it works great every time.

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