Oct 29 2007

Winning…it makes you feel, well, like a winner!


Those of you that know me well know I have had a long winning streak. I’ve won raffles, things on the radio, even prizes on a game show. It’s hilarious!

In the spirit of this awesome carnival giveaway that’s going on right now (go and enter to your heart’s content…you’re likely to win something!) I think I will show just how important it is to enter. And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

They say, “You have to enter to win.”

“They” are right.

I’ve been the correct caller on the radio at least 10 times over the course of my life. I’ve won: Tickets to a “lazer show,” tickets to a boxing match, tickets to a movie premiere, two really cool stereos, and a T-shirt. The other prizes escape my memory.

In raffles, I’ve won cakes, mugs, and the assorted gift certificate.

When I was 8, I won a coloring contest. I was never particularly good at coloring, but I think only a few children in my age bracket entered. I won a $50 gift certificate to Toys ‘R Us. Try being 8 and winning that much money in toys. It’s very cool. The only thing I remember from that shopping spree is getting a Skip-It. Remember those? Lolz.

And finally, the most ridiculous/hilarious things I’ve ever won: A queen size four-poster bed, a LaZboy chair and ottoman, and a TON of dishes.

Yes, gentle readers, I was a contestant on the Price is Right.

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9 Responses to “Winning…it makes you feel, well, like a winner!”

  1. That’s crazy! I grew up in the LA area and always (well, when I was home sick from school) watched the Price is Right! I think it would be so cool to go… let alone be a contestent… but alas I live far now. :)

    Very cool!

  2. i have a friend like you!! amazing!! dying laughing at you being on the price is right. so funny.


  4. I never, repeat, never have won a single thing in my entire lifetime. I am really hoping that changes with the Fall Yall giveway. There is over 400 participants. I just need to find the time to go through them all!

  5. My family makes Christmas ornaments to give to each family member for Christmas.

  6. Just found your link to this! Wow. i watch that show at least once a week. i’ve never known anyone who has been on it, much less have won it! You have very good fortune when it comes to entering stuff. Good for you!

    jessica’s last blog post..Try them out Thursday! 4.3.08

  7. WOW – that is so cool that you won all that stuff, but what is really cool is that you were on the Price is Right! I LOVED that show when I was little and I was really good at guessing prices back then!

    I tend to win the centerpiece at weddings. The two that I remember the most is a beautiful bouquet of flowers – pink roses and other flowers and my favorite was this HUGE clear cookie jar that was FILLED with candy/chocolate! I could not believe that I won it and was excited!

    Promises Fulfilled’s last blog post..My Fun Birthday

  8. I’m one of those that never win anything .. not even family bingo on Christmas! My husband, however, is the luck one and wins everything, door prizes at parties, the silly games at work parties .. anything!

    I’ve always wanted to be on Price is Right too! I’d love to win some gaudy bedroom set that way too big for my house .. or a year supply of denture cream! I used to love the game with the little mountain climber when I was a kid :)

    Rebekah Montague’s last blog post..More on Car Seats … Part Two!

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