Oct 29 2007

The Complete Tightwad Gazette giveaway!


About two months ago, I checked out a book from the library: The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn. This 959-page book is a compilation of her (now retired) monthly newsletter. Most frugal bloggers have read this cover-to-cover, as have I.

This is the book that inspred me to start this blog.

It isn’t often that I read a book for free and then decide I have to own my own copy. But if you know anything about the Tightwad Gazette, you know that this gem is a must for every tightwad’s bookshelf. It has already changed my life, and I know it will change yours.

I decided to order myself a copy of The Complete Tightwad Gazette on Amazon.com, and I ordered an extra copy for one lucky winner. A brand-new book for you and me. Hurrah!

Here’s how you can win:

  • Post a comment below and share your favorite frugal tip. It can be anything–from reusing dryer sheets to buying groceries in bulk (please use your own ideas!). I’m really looking forward to your tips, so don’t forget to do this!
  • Include a way that I can get in touch with you so I can mail you your prize. For example, if you use Blogger, be sure I can access your profile and blog. Or, leave your e-mail address.
  • This is open to U.S. residents, only. I’m grateful to the readers I have around the world, but I can only afford to spend the $2.81 for media mail postage. You understand.
  • I will accept entries until midnight (Eastern time) Saturday, November 3, 2007. I will use a generator to randomly select an entry, and will announce the winner on Sunday, November 4, 2007.
  • As soon as I receive the order from Amazon, I will mail your copy. I’ll let you know when that happens.

Thank you for entering! Best wishes to you all.

If you want to tickle me pink, please come back to my blog from time to time.

Hundreds of people will be posting links to their own giveaways here at BloggyGiveaways. You won’t want to miss it!

UPDATE [Oct. 29 11:28 a.m.] I am so thrilled that you are all posting frugal tips! We’re already up to 60. This is what the Tightwad Gazette is all about–helping each other become more frugal. Keep ’em coming! (But of course, just one entry per person)

344 Responses to “The Complete Tightwad Gazette giveaway!”

  1. Cloth diapers! Wash them and reuse! Also I water down juice. Not just to save money, but for the health of my family.

  2. count me in thanks!!!

  3. The “scratch & Dent” section at the grocery store is perfect for us. We try new items, get fsmily favorites, and an occasional treat at less than half of the regular price.

  4. hmm, my frugal tip…
    try not to order food…but if you do, split it in half and save the rest for tomorrow’s lunch/dinner, or tonight’s later meal. There’s always too much, and that way you dont end up stuffing yourself, and you have a tasty meal waiting for you!

    I like seeing personal finance/ money saving type blogs like yours! (that’s what mine is supposed to be…)

  5. ok…I have lots of frugal things that I do. But one I was just telling a friend about today is on laundry detergent. I watch our local grocery (Giant) for their bogo free on laundry detergent and buy 4-6 at a time. I get a big bottle for just over $2 each!

  6. I wish I was more frugal. Maybe this book will help.

  7. My frugal tip: joining http://www.flylady.net. FlyLady’s system is 100% free and teaches so many ways to be a better home manager. One example is that I no longer waste money buying duplicates of something I already have, but I lost or didn’t know I had it.

    I’d love a copy of the Tightwad Gazette! Thanks for the chance to win this. :-)

    sarah_carol (at) hotmail (dot) com

  8. I absolutely love this book. What a great gift this would be!!!

  9. Oops sorry I didn’t realize I was supposed to leave a frugal tip… hmmm… I use cloth diapers, 80% of the time ;) I use home made dishwashing liquid and I bake everything from scratch. I also buy things in bulk and do not buy processed foods or junk food (accept for Coke and S&V chips for the hubby)

  10. I’m a beginning frugal but my favorite and biggest savings tip is to sell my kids gently used clothing in lots on ebay. The demand is high there and then I use the money in my paypal account to purchase gently used (usually name brands) clothing for the upcoming season. With three growing children, this clothes swap works out beautifully! I would love to read this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I do alot of garage saling for my kids clothing. Most sales have tons of kids clothes. You can’t beat the sales with quality clothing for 25 cents each! It’s so worth it to garage sale when there are winter jackets and pants, etc. for only “pennies” compared to paying full price.
    I’d love this book!

  12. Yard sales!!! Aldi!!! Vegetable Co-ops!!! Great giveaway!


  13. I always do “family baskets” for Christmas. These can have lots of homemade food items, movies, family games, etc. I also usually get one small gift that is intended for each kid in the family. These have been great hits and have gotten my whole family involved in gift giving as well as save a considerable amount on gifts. Thanks for giving away such a great book!

  14. wow…there’s a book of tips just in this post alone. I already feel like a winner. :)

    Another tip: big coffee cans make wonderful storage bins. Also, scour your local resale shops – you can get name-brand stuff at a reasonable price if you’re willing to look for it. :)

  15. I made all of my son’s baby food when he was little.

    We also added a “jacket” to our hot water heater.

  16. I am only one of the thriftiest people EVER! This sounds fabulous!! =)

  17. I would love to learn to be more frugal.
    I take my used books to the 2nd hand store who lets me trade them 2 for 1. Great deal since I have tons of books. This way I will never run out. They also keep track so if there is nothing I want I can still get them later.

  18. Unfortunately I tend to overspend but my DIL is a tightwad. My frugal tip is this, I let her do my shopping for me, that way only what is on the list gets bought. She loves to do the shopping and I love the savings!

  19. One of the best things I ever did for saving money was to start reading deals forums and blogs. The postings about available deals combined with the opportunity to trade for coupons and forms I hadn’t received has been invaluable in shaving money off my grocery bills.

  20. I hang my clothes out to dry & wash ziplock bags & reuse. Thanks! Melody

  21. love your site-will be back! would love this book! i either buy my kids’ clothes at resale shops or recycle with other moms. come visit me!

  22. These are some great tips so far.
    Iwash & reuse ziplocks…not just for money saving, but for the environment.
    I also shop for my holiday stuff the day after the holiday. I bought a bunch of Halloween stuff yesterday.


  23. COupons coupons coupons — I have them all organized in baseball calrd pages in a inder and arraged ABC style — I also do the Walgreens and Cvs rebates and EBC programs! My best tip — DON’T TAKE THE KIDS when I grocery shop – the “mom can I’s” get me every tim!

  24. I’m pretty inexperienced at the frugal game, (I’m trying to get started though) but I do the majority of my shopping online and whenever I get ready to check out I log onto mypoints.com and make sure the store is one of theirs and log on through them so I get “points or credit for doing so. After about 2 months of shopping I cash in my “points” for FREE giftcards! My favorite are for Cracker Barrel & Wal-mart !!

  25. What a great give away. I find the most frugal thing I do now-a-days is budget our month before the month begins! Once the money is in our account, it flows very VERY quickly. If I have a plan in place it flows in the right directions! I can’t wait to see all the wonderful tips in this book.

    Rean Day

  26. i have lots of little tips i do- rip the dryer sheets in half, use less detergent than it calls for, make pancakes and eggs for dinner one night a week, bean rice and cheese burritos are cheap too- i use very little consumabale paper- paper towels, plates etc.


    i’d love to win this. i’ve paged through it a few times..


  27. Wow! This would be great. Count me in.

  28. We don’t use any paper products in our home, well only toilet paper. We use cloth diapers, napkins, rags, cloths, etc. We also make all of our own cleaners.


  29. I would love my own personal copy of her book! I’ve checked it out from the library dozens of times. Thanks for the chance to win!


  30. Please count me in!! Thank you.

  31. Hello!
    Here is my tip. My hubby generally doesn’t like regular ground beef because of the junk you can get in it. So, when something like london broil or really lean roast meat goes on sale (.99-1.99lb) we will ask the meat dept. to grind it for us and stock up. It is usually very good quality hambuger and cooks down less. There you go. Please enter me I have very much wanted this book! :)

  32. Wow, there are a lot of frugal gals leaving cool tips! I try to never buy anything full price for myself. Ever. I do try to love what I buy for myself to wear, and if I don’t love it I don’t buy it (unless it’s an essential like undies). We share meals at restaurants, reuse just about everything food comes in so we never have to buy Gladware, and I like to use half the detergent needed to wash. We don’t get our clothes that dirty. Okay, more than one tip, but I wanted to share. I’d love to win!

  33. i hope you consolidate all these tips and make a post out of them. email me when you do, i would love to see. :)

    we crock pot all our own beans. i think it helps to have a mini crock pot. so you don’t have to worry about what to do with the rest of them or making anything fancy. just enough for the meal (about 2 cans). i think you’re more apt to pull it out when it’s small, too. we buy in bulk, never seem to run out.

  34. one more thing, we never set foot in the likes of walmart or shopko. sometimes, while trying to be cheap, you end up just that. i’ve been committed, since i got married 5 years ago, actually, to only buying things that i love and will last me a lifetime. if i find one day that i need a sieve, i bide my time until i can afford the $18 stainless steel sieve i really like. in the end i am only surrounded by things i love instead of broken bits of crap that i’m too cheap to throw away. i think it is these little things that add to the feel of a home. you know, when you open your dish cupboard and bits of mismatched tupperware hit you in the head (that is bad). be thrifty but also have an eye for the quality of life.

  35. What a great giveaway!

    I didn’t make it all the way through the comments, so I hope my advice is not a duplicate. Rather than spending loads of money on cleaning products, I do nearly all of my cleaning with a 50/50 water/vinegar solution, and baking soda if I really need it. A $1.25 bottle of vinegar lasts me quite a while!

  36. I stock up on clothes for my children during the out of season sales at the local BX/PX here on post (we’re military), and their reductions are INSANE! Love it!

  37. I try to reuse everything, like old magazines become craft supplies and projects, soup cans become altered gifts etc..

  38. chevybelair1 @ juno . com
    count me in too please :)
    i cut dryer sheets in half to make them last longer

  39. I love this giveaway, (though I’ve never heard of the book) and I will definitely bookmark your site to come back. I have major grocery store spending issues.

    My frugal tip is buying used books at Goodwill instead of checking them out of the library and when I finish reading them, turning them back in. That way, I can keep the book as long as I want, but don’t spend too much.

  40. My frugal tip is to stock up on items when they are cheap or free with coupons. I never run out of things and I never pay full price :)

  41. I use microfiber towels instead of buying paper towels. I look online for coupons before shopping.

  42. I shop at Aldi’s for most things. I use coupons where I can’t. I don’t buy paper towels or sponges. I keep lights off unless it is dark outside…. Please count me in! Thank you.

    Ann – crafty.momma.too (at) gmail.com

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